Opportunity to get published

Hie, we Searcheron are inviting writers to guest post their write-ups and articles. Be the guest blogger and write about what you find fun in.

Searcheron provides categories for bloggers to blog for us. We understand how much writers needed freedom of expression in their forte which they want to pen down their words.

How Searcheron work

Well if you have been a guest blogger earlier you are very well aware of how this will be going to work. So you can just hop to the opportunity and contribute an article. But if you are new and want to submit your post, Searcheron provides you with a platform and categories to write as many articles as you want. We are accepting the guest posts from all the experienced or inexperienced guest bloggers.

Topics you can choose from are listed below

  • Technology
  • Automobiles
  • Education
  • Food and Travels
  • Health and Fitness
  • Lifestyle
  • General

Guidelines to keep in mind

Make sure you follow the strict (nah flexible), but yes things to remember before you jump off to the writing on your favorite topics.

Send your write up at info@searcheron.com in a word document or in the body of the email with the subject mentioned with the genre.

We accept only English written articles.

Try to keep your write-ups or articles formatted with headlines and paragraphs. Style and Presentation do matter.

Try to attach and style your content with pictures, providing picture credits and source.

Try to keep the post articles more than 800 words. The bigger the better

Try to link the resources and tools you used for your article but do not use excessive links to your own sites

We don’t expect you to be a Grammar Nazi but do take care of basic grammar and we also keep the rights of editing for grammatical consistency and readability score.

Hope you patiently have read all the guidelines and requirements necessary before submitting the article. Don’t think just start writing and become a contributor in Searcheron.

Any catches?

No, not really, just a reminder for you all the guest bloggers. Make sure your content is original and has not been published at any of the websites including your own.

When and where can you see your article?

We will make sure to make your article visible within a week or two. We will read, rectify and then publish the blogger’s post. The article will be published in a particular genre.

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