What Type of Service is Included in the Pre-Bridal Package?

For most brides, flaunting a desirable and lovely appearance is important during the pre-wedding photoshoots and on the event itself. Therefore, you must hire an experienced make-up team for a versatile and flattering look.

Whether you need bridal make-up support for a pre-wedding photoshoot or the event itself, go for a reliable pre-bridal package. These include various makeup-related services, standard and specialized, with diverse options to choose from.

Tips to keep in mind when choosing your make-up artist

●      Do your research and always meet them personally

Firstly, get your list of potential make-up artists and teams, and then begin individually researching each of the options. If the make-up artist has a website for their brand, check if it is verified. Also, notice if the wedding/photoshoot package details are mentioned. Furthermore, refer to the reviews, testimonials, and customer feedback from previous clients across different platforms.

After careful evaluation, narrow down your choice to two to three and organize a face-to-face meeting. These professionals would show you their portfolio and you can discuss your requirements with them. Consider how receptive each candidate is to fulfilling your demands, too.

●      Don’t be shy; ask away

It is important to know the important details regarding the pre-bridal packages before paying for the service.

Do they bring their own products or do you have to provide them yourself? Can they work on-site or do you have to visit the salon? Is the fee-charge on a per-hour or a per-customer basis?

Make these queries to the make-up artists and take note of their responses to know if they fit you. Also, consider if they are forthcoming with the information to assess their customer transparency level. Ask them for references of their older clients and contact them directly.

●      Get your make-up trial

Choose to get a make-up trial for a practical demonstration of the make-up artist’s skills and style. Among the options, choose the most compatible artist and book a trial via the online salon booking app.

●      Know everything about the package

Get information about the packages and the services that are available with them. Consider details like what looks they offer, the cost, duration, and options.

What type of make-up to choose for a pre-wedding shoot?

●      The Elegant look

Many brides opt for the touch of elegant glam for their pre-wedding photoshoot. For this, the make-up artists include a range of skincare and face make-up steps with foundation, concealer, and face powder. All these contribute to a flawless skin appearance. Plus, they add a thick eyeliner to brighten the eyes and pink lip tint for a soft uncomplicated yet naturally dignified look.

●      Sapphire-tinted eyes

The sapphire-tinted eyes make-up look is a favorite of celebrities and beauty bloggers as much as bridal make-up experts. In this makeup look, the eyes have the most definition compared to the other facial areas. Here, the make-up artist adds a turquoise eye-shadow base, while they keep the face and lip make-up subtle.

Additionally, in many cases, make-up artists line in a darker turquoise color along the lower lash line for extra intensity.

●      Minimalist but mystical

The natural look is a common choice for pre-wedding photoshoots for several brides. In this case, the focus is on keeping the look as minimalist as possible, with neutral accents for highlight. For a little bit of color, pale pink or nude lips keep the face make-up from looking bare.

●      Subtle and glow

Many make-up artists try out the glossy make-up look on their clients for a chic appearance in the photographs.As for face make-up, the make-up professionals keep both the eye color and lip color muted and minimal.

●      Summer crush

In a lot of cases, the summer vibe look is the go-to bridal make-up choice for make-up experts and clients alike. In this look, the make-up artist focuses on giving a tropical appearance and coloring. The eyeshadow here is subtle and the main eye/lip colors include shades of coral. Altogether, the make-up style gives off a breezy youthful glow.

●      Classic smoky

For many brides, the main choice for their pre-wedding shoot is the classic option of smokey eyes. Here, the focus of the make-up is on the eyes, with a subtle transition of dark to light, dewy skin, and pearly lips. Moreover, the make-up artist defines the cheekbones further for a chiseled beauty look.

To note, a lot of the brides currently skip black-centric smokey eyes and go for other dark colors. These include midnight blue or dark nude brown.

Why is it a good idea to get yourself a pre-wedding make-up artist?

●      Chance to change look multiple times

Professional make-up artists have experience in different types of make-up looks. They have practice, skills, and know what appearances suit particular skin tones, skin types, and facial structure.

Therefore, they can offer their service to provide multiple bridal make-up looks throughout the photoshoot. Notably, these make-up artists would ensure the best application methods and safest techniques as well for skin health.

●      Enjoy the shoot without worry

Depending on a professional for the complex tasks like the application and choice of make-up frees the brides up. Therefore, you as a bride do not have to worry about mid-break make-up look changes or touch-ups. The professional make-up artists are available throughout the shoot for assistance.

●      Let the professional handle the heat

Typically, the professional make-up artist in charge of their client’s photoshoot look has the responsibility to make creative decisions. If there is a certain theme of the photoshoots, these experts have to prepare and apply the make-up look accordingly. They travel with the clients for outdoor shoots and handle the make-up task within deadlines and set limitations.

●      Get the perfect picture

Ultimately, with the help of pre-wedding make-up experts, the photoshoot would run smoothly and the pictures would come out gorgeous. Experienced artists especially know how to apply make-up that does not look cakey on screen.

Final word

Overall, with the help of professional make-up artists, you can get a make-up look that is visually appealing and trendy. They have practice and expertise in make-up application techniques and styles and can deliver stunning looks for clients. However, verify the options available first and check their credentials. See which make-up artist suits your taste best and select a reliable professional to partner with.

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