Tips To Prepare Teens for The Best Invisalign Teeth Straightening Treatment

A brief introduction to Invisalign

Invisalign is the cutting-edge teeth straightening treatment that uses a series of clear, transparent and removable aligners. Unlike the conventional procedure, it is free from wires and brackets. The Invisalign aligners are made of flexible plastic. You can take off the braces any time you want and wear them back again on your own.

Why this is so popular?

Invisalign not only straightens the teeth but is also a discreet treatment. The braces virtually remain hidden inside the mouth. It is almost impossible for people even to notice that you are wearing it. Maintaining optimum oral hygiene is pretty easy and hassle-free with this modern treatment procedure. As mentioned above you take off the braces to wear them again.

As a responsible and doting parent, it is your duty to take your child for his or her first Invisalign appointment. That appointment is indeed crucial for the youngster. It is the first step in the journey to a set of perfectly straight teeth which in turn contributes to a bright and attractive smile. A broad, genuine smile actually exhibits self-reliance that opens up doors to success for an individual both in his or her social and professional life. Considering all these factors now you should understand how crucial that first orthodontic appointment is for any teen.

In fact, it is one of the best gifts that parents can get for their children. Chatfield Braces is renowned for its long list of orthodontic treatments for kids and teens. We have a highly qualified orthodontist with extensive hands-on experience to cater to the exclusive requirements of your kids. And we possess a wonderful track record of correcting misalignment teeth. As a unique practice, we expect something well-defined from our teenage patients. Our process requires the children to clean their braces and other supporting peripherals throughout the treatment phase. Why do we follow such a unique process?

We have heard it time and again from the innumerable number of parents – they get tired repeatedly reminding the children to brush after a meal or to avoid certain foods and drinks. At the very onset of the treatment, our technically skilled orthodontist describes the steps how to keep the braces clean and hygienic. Those tips not only teach kids how to take proper care of their braces but also boost them to shoulder the responsibility. The truth is children can perform miracles if you can make them aware of their responsibility. And that is all we do to get going.

Experience has taught us many a thing over the years and we implement that to get desired results in our treatment. Based on our experience we prefer discussing the intricacies of fitting the braces on young teeth even before your child undergoes treatment at our orthodontic practice. As kids get to know how strong yet tender the braces are they automatically develop a sense of responsibility for those orthodontic tools. After all orthodontic treatments are nothing short of hefty financial investments. Therefore, it is important that children develop a sense of gratitude and nurture a positive mindset throughout the period of smile transformation.

Orthodontists get their best gift whenever a patient sees his or her new smile in the mirror and melts away in utter delight. On the day the braces get removed finally. Many children come to us with loads of questions at the beginning. As a completely patient-centric practice, we encourage those anxious minds to come to us with a list of questions properly written in a notebook. We will start the treatment procedure only after all their queries are settled. This way, we feel, even parents can enjoy a bit of fun sitting down with their teens helping them prepare the questionnaire. Thus, everyone gets to get connected with the treatment procedure in some way or the other and no query gets buried or missed out. The ultimate aim of this overall procedure is to secure the best results so that everyone is happy and satisfied. The questions that we typically face from our teen patients include the following:

  • Are the braces hurtful?
  • Do you have special Invisalign for teens?
  • What does it feel like wearing braces the first time?
  • How long will I have to be on braces?
  • Can I eat whatever I like with the braces on?
  • How is it possible to clean the teeth with braces on?

These days maintaining optimum oral hygiene is easier while one is on braces thanks to innovative gadgets like electric toothbrushes and inter-dental brushes. Children can even choose their preferred colour. It is indeed helpful to encourage them to develop a sense of ownership over sound oral hygiene and habits. This not only helps them take better care of their braces but also teaches them invaluable lessons about maintaining sound dental health for a lifetime.

If your child keeps chewing on pens, pencils and other objects that can lead to loosened braces and snapping wires just give them a gentle reminder that braces work wonders if the instructions are properly followed. And in case of untoward incidents, the treatment time gets extended which means you have to wear the braces longer. Most youngsters are in a hurry to get the braces off. Teenagers having a source of income or pocket money have repeated incidents of lost or damaged attachments. This hampers the primary objective of the treatment. The best way to resolve the issue is by talking to them in a cool, friendly manner.

An ever-increasing number of people are relying on a particular practice to get the best Invisalign treatment. At Chatfield Dental Braces we quote a reasonable price and also offer easy payment plans to suit your budget. Moreover, we maintain extensive business hours to suit your convenience.

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