Tips for maintaining a new car

Tips for maintaining a new car

Buying a new car is no less than an occasion for an individual or family. A lengthy discussion takes place about the colour, type, model and budget. You may have spent a wholesome amount on buying a car and would never want even a scratch on it. The first and foremost maintenance tip is to drive responsibly, avoid harsh driving and never drink before the drive. It is also essential to get your automobile insured with the best car insurance company in the country. They are just a click away, browse them and get it done.

A car insurance policy is a safety tool to save you financially if there are unseen mishaps and casualties on the freeway. To be a responsible driver and adhere to the traffic rules is a must. Though insurance is a safety tool, you may have heard that prevention is better than cure. So, the last precaution is to be taken to maintain your vehicle for a long time. 

No insurance policy is providing anything for your whims and adventurous spirits. They also expect the car owner to be responsible failing to do so would be considered negligence from your end, and you may also face claim rejection. 

Insurance and maintenance both are equally important for the safety of your life and your car. A well-maintained vehicle gives less trouble, and it is essential to understand the pros and cons in the beginning to maintain your dream car. 

We are here with some tips which are considered crucial by the experts and experienced persons in the field. I hope these tips will be beneficial and valuable for you. 

Did you read your user’s manual? 

People probably do not refer to the owner’s manual, which is no less than a constitution for your car. Read it from the first to the last page as soon as you bring your superb vehicle to your place. It can tell you almost everything about your car, from safety features to specification and can help you avoid many minor car problems. 

Did you check your engine oil and other fluids? 

Oh no! Of course not on the first day you have to check your engine oil. It is a routine check-up, and you must not fail to do it at any rate. It is to be done regularly. If your vehicle is in good condition, then once a month would be appropriate. There are different circumstances when you need to change it, often as you notice leaks or frequent oil changes. To get a perfect reading for dipstick, who should park cars on even ground. 

The brakes of your car need brake fluid to function smoothly. Without ample fluid, your car brake would not work correctly or may stop working, which can lead to a catastrophe. Moreover, check the colour of the brake’s fluid as the darker colour indicates the change of the liquid. 

Did you check the battery of your car? 

As engine oil and fluid are essential for the smooth running of the car, so is the importance of battery. Who should clean it frequently to ensure the steady performance of the vehicle? Learn about the basics of the battery through the user’s manual, as it is mentioned above. It would help if you disconnected it first before cleaning the terminals, start it with the negative terminal and part it to prevent the supply of electricity to avoid any casualty, use a battery cleaning brush to clean the battery and reconnect it again start with the positive terminal this time. 

Did you check the air pressure of the tyre? 

Your car moves on tyres. They are like the foundation on which your dream car stands. The pressure of air is to be more frequently inspected and get air refilled to the recommended limit given in the manual if the pressure has reduced over time. It will keep them in good condition for a long time. You should also check if any object is stuck in the tyre and any crack is there. If you find any, then get it repaired as soon as possible and avoid mishaps. 

Do check the air filters. 

Your car has a beautiful body, and it has a heart, and that is the engine. The car runs smoothly because of lubrication, and these lubricants, such as oil, need to be changed from time to time. Your car also comes with filters to prevent contamination of oil which is like oxygen to the vehicle. Filters keep oil clean, but they get contaminated by accumulated dirt and dust so, they must be changed whenever needed.

One tip is there. Remove the air filter element and hold it up to intense light. If the light does not come out from the opposite side, then it must be changed. 

Do you have a faulty Spark plug? 

Suppose your car engine starts only after you insert the key in the ignition a few times. Is there uneven acceleration, a drop in the car’s mileage and more vibration and noise? These are the signs of a faulty spark plug. A faulty spark plug is to be changed as soon as possible as it will deteriorate the performance and smooth functions of the car. It is essential to start the engine of your vehicle. How can this go if faulty? Check it and change it! 

See what your warning lights say. 

The car is like the human body. You began to fall in love with it, and the vehicle also evolves a communication pattern. We are talking about warning lights and how to understand these indicators. These lights indicate that something is out of order in your car. 

For instance, a warning light will show if there is not enough fuel in the car. It is like understanding the heartbeat of your vehicle and do the needful in a given time. These lights can help identify any problems at an early stage. Here, again the user’s manual comes in handy to understand the proper meaning of these lights. So, keep yourself updated with these issues. 

Are you familiar with your car mileage?

Car mileage should be adequately maintained, and ensure you take every possible step to support it. You can avoid harsh driving, frequent speed fluctuations, carry heavy items, keep your car in good condition, and maintain its fuel economy. 

How often do you wash your car? 

Try to wash your car every week or at least once in 15 days, if you can. If necessary, wash its body from inside, like fender wells and undercarriage, to remove dirt and road salt. 

At last, keep in mind, the car is your great asset but greater liability being responsible towards your vehicle is your duty as it’s not just about the car but your life too. Maintenance and insurance are essential. After and before you take a drive in your vehicle, it is necessary to walk around your car and see any issues mentioned above. Always keep the user’s manual at a hand distance and live with your dream car for a long time. 

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