Thinking of Promoting Your Business? Try These Social Media Platforms

Try These Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms have come a long way since they first appeared on the horizon as a medium for getting connected to your friends and family members. It has now become a quintessential part of marketing for businesses. But with so many social media channels available, it may be difficult for you to decide which one’s the best for business marketing.

Some of the leading platforms that are used for brand development and marketing include:







While to a lesser extent, there are other Indian social media platforms too that are relatively new but brands find them quite exciting. Some of them are:


Connected India




In spite of so many different channels, we cannot find a single channel that’s best for all businesses. It’s almost impossible to say whether Facebook will be the most appropriate platform for your business than any other social media platform. It doesn’t mean that if a particular platform was beneficial for a certain business, it will be also equally good for you. It’s true that Facebook is usually the most preferred platform for brand promotion, but it’s for business owners to decide which platform to choose for promotional work depending upon their unique requirements and growth plans.

Brands need to focus on incorporating social media into their email strategy which is as simple as drag, drop, and customize. When it comes to choosing the best social media platform for your business for the purpose of marketing, you should select the platform that’s the best fit for your brand.

To begin with, you need to evaluate different platforms to see if your customer base is there or not, whether or not they will engage with your brands, and if the platform suits the personality of your brand.

For example, if your brand is mainly targeted at millennial women, Instagram should be your go-to platform. Instagram is far more popular among women than men, and it attracts more people under the age of 25 than other platforms.

Moreover, if you’re a B2B brand, it’s given you’re going to find more success on LinkedIn than on any other platform. LinkedIn is a platform that appeals mostly to professionals and brands looking to connect with other professionals.

Before choosing the right platform, ask yourself: 

# What kind of company we are, a B2B or B2C company?

# What kind of customer I am looking for?

# Which is my target market?

# What’s my final objective regarding social media marketing? Is it just to sell, to get connected, or to build brand awareness?

Measuring the success of your social media campaign

Once you are through with which platform you’re going to include into your marketing campaign, the next step is to find ways to watch your progress. That shouldn’t be a problem for you because there are many tools that can help you measure the success of your social media marketing campaign.

Ideally, you should combine your email marketing and social media, with a dashboard showing how many social media shares you’ve managed, and also how many people are forwarding your email campaigns.

Optional ways to navigate your success include:

# Monitoring shares, likes, and comments on the platform

# Identifying key influencers for your business

# Monitoring the number of backlinks you get

How important is this for your business?

There is every type of person, and some may ask why should they spend so much time and money in creating a social media marketing campaign. Moreover, since they’ve already invested in the time needed to work on their email marketing campaign, is something extra really needed?

It is true that integrating social media marketing with your email marketing campaign is essential these days because that creates a multiplier effect on your efforts.

At present, approximately 3.2 billion people use social media on a regular basis, and all of those people don’t just follow their friends and family—they follow a lot of brands as well.

Hence, just being on social media allows you to:

# Grow your brand and help get your brand’s voice

# Conduct surveys to see what your ideal customer wants and needs

# Help Improve your search engine rankings

There is no better medium than social media to interact and engage with your customer base. It empowers you to address problems quickly, which not only satisfies your customers, but it’ll also help you save money.

Besides, customers are also more willing to spend money with a brand that they can interact with easily on social media. Social media has an inherent capability to humanize a brand, and consumers like to endorse brands that they find relatable.

On average, customers tend to spend 40% extra with brands that respond to and engage with them on social media.

What are you supposed to do?

Tell me are you planning to add at least one social media platform into your marketing strategy? It doesn’t matter if you integrate one platform or many, one thing you can be sure of is that it’ll hugely increase your brand’s exposure and contribute to your overall marketing success.

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