The quest to look for flavoured makhana online is over now.

flavoured makhana online is over now.

Delicious food and healthy habits were considered to be on two different parallel lines that can never meet. We have made this unimaginable thing possible. The flavored and tasty makhana will satisfy your taste palate and add health benefits to your body that will make you stronger and better. You can now replace it with fried and oily snacks. These healthy snacks can accompany your tea and coffee breaks and refreshes your mood. While watching movies, web series, or traveling you can munch on it and enjoy the activity. But where you can get exciting flavoured makhana online? The answer is Mr. Makhana. Why? Let us understand one by one.

A Little Introduction About us!

Established in 2017, at the core of our brand we believe in guilt-free snacking. Makhana acts as an anti-oxidant, very light and easy to digest, It is traditionally an Indian product. All Mr. Makhana flavors are GLUTEN and MSG FREE. Roasted in olive oil and its mild flavor make them a perfect everyday snack for all age groups.

Health and Happiness

Today’s world is focusing on adopting healthy lifestyles and we aim to become the catalyst for this process. The calcium-rich makhanas will make your bone stronger and provide you with the required strength to tackle robust day-to-day challenges. The anti-oxidant’s benefits will help you detoxify your whole body. The makhana online purchase is a crucial step for your journey of well-being.

Festival of flavors

We offer different and exciting types of flavors for you to celebrate the spicy treat festivals. You can choose from butter tomato, cheezy peezy, lime& chili, Piri Piri paradise, etc. Our newest launch Veda that gives 100% pure and raw makhana. Our Woot Woot Straws and Popcorns have changed the game of snacking and pushed many to dwell on the tastiest treat of healthy eating.

The plant product philosophy

Every product is 100% extracted from plants. The inclination towards a vegetarian diet has been increased a lot in recent times and we all are aware of the benefits of plant diets. So keeping that in mind we have come with a variety of plant-based products for you to choose from to live a nutritious lifestyle.

Affordable Appetite

We want you to adopt this healthy routine and follow it regularly. The budget must not become a roadblock on your way to living a happy and healthy lifestyle. That is why we set our pricing very low so that you don’t have to think twice about makhana online purchases. Our celebration pack can save you more money and any order above Rs 500 will have no delivery charge.


Without any hesitation, you can order your very own flavored makhana online. The health benefits for you and your family will reach your plate with delicious flavors. The variety will add excitement to your snacking and these tasty delights fit your budget. So what is stopping you? Grab your favorite makhanas.

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