The impact of video games on children and adolescents

The game allows children and adolescents to develop their learning in a fun way while they build, imitate, and create. But what about those that are played through a game console?

Currently, these console games known as video games are strongly imposed among the activities chosen by this group to occupy their free time. However, the benefits that the practice of this type of leisure can bring to children and adolescents are increasingly being discussed.

After various studies and discussions in this regard, it has been concluded that the proper use of video games can enhance the intellectual and emotional development of this group, at the same time that they can be a fun way for parents and children to enjoy these new technologies and of time together.

Benefits of video games for children

In small doses, and if they are used properly, video games can enhance the intellectual, emotional, and personal capacity of children and adolescents:

  • They enhance logical reasoning

Video games force children to develop reasoning to solve problems and find solutions. In this way, they will work on logic without realizing it, something that will be very useful, both in studies and in everyday life.

  • Increase spatial conception

This will allow children to unconsciously improve their spatial vision in a simple and effective way.

  • The effort to get the reward

Trying to achieve the objectives of the game enhances effort and helps to tolerate profit and failure.

  • They favor visual and manual coordination

The information of the video game is perceived sight while reactions are manifested with the movements of the hands and fingers on the controller, the screen, or the keyboard.

  • Improve reflexes

Games require precision and speed of reaction to any unforeseen event. The player is forced to calculate directions, speeds, spaces, and times and remember moves, with the constant pressure that a mistake can make him lose the game. Reaction speed works constantly when playing games, especially in games about motorcycles or other vehicles.

  • Stimulates memory and the ability to retain concepts

Children cannot overcome a game without memorizing the .io games to remember shortcuts, solutions, or dangers.

  • The player interacts with the environment

During the game, the person manages the reins of the situation and establishes the limits of their autonomy.

Video games to enjoy and learn as a family

There are many video game titles that provide advantages to children since they promote creativity, values ​​, and social integration.

  • Minecraft

This console game offers the player the possibility to build their own universe, from a house to a complete city. In addition, the video game poses the challenge of collecting the raw materials and resources necessary to survive. impact of video games on children Minecraft has an achievement system that teaches real-world skills and is great for the whole family to play.

  • The Sims

The video game maintains a simple mission: to maintain a home. Create an avatar, find a home, get a job, and network with other personals. It is a good option to teach the little ones in the house the value of responsibility while having fun.

  • Sing star

Sing Star offers the possibility to sing alone or with friends, from its wide catalog of music, providing a high degree of fun to the players. This favors interaction and, even, disinhibition of the participants that encourages aspects such as spontaneity.

  • Wii Sports

It is a good method for children to play sports, play tennis, baseball, bowling, golf, or boxing while entertaining themselves.

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