Real Natural farm fresh cow milk in Gurgaon

Real Natural farm fresh cow milk in Gurgaon

If there is one thing, you definitely want to feed your family, it’s good quality natural farm fresh cow milk in Gurgaon. Milk is used for many purposes in Indian culture and is a very essential/popular part of every Indian home/diet. When you purchase milk, you need to be sure about the quality of the milk that you are feeding your family. Most people are simply not aware that there exist different variants of milk that possess different health benefits or no health benefits. At Giramrit Phal, we are specialists when it comes to milk, and will be happy to share some valuable knowledge/information about the milk you consume/feed your family. As mentioned below here, we have told you about the good and the not-so-good milk variants. Many people naturally assume that milk is milk, however, this is not the case always, and we have shared the information below here about what is what.

The benefits of cow milk from dairy farm Gurgaon;

Many health benefits are associated with milk, provided the milk is of genuine quality. Milk is considered to be whole food and essential for children to attain proper growth and much more. There are primarily 2 types of milk available in the market for humans, these are A1 and A2 types milk. Of the two, A1 is generally available easily and commonly and comes from specific breeds of cows such as are used in dairy farms. These cows are generally of the imported variety, and comprise of British Shorthorn breed of cows, Holstein, Ayrshire, and Friesian cows, to name a few. A1 milk is less healthy than its counterpart A2 milk. A1 milk is easily available in the market for domestic use because the cows that produce it are all the various breeds that are high yielding and therefore suitable for dairy farming.

A2 milk on the other hand is far healthier and is natural milk as nature intended for it to be. It comes from the natural/common Indian cows, which were not specifically hybrid to provide high yields of milk. However, the health benefits of A2 milk by far exceed the benefits of A1 milk. The Indian cow produces A2 milk, the distinct physical characteristic/trait of the Indian cow is the hump that it has on its back. Imported verities of cows have flat backs, and these cows produce A1 beta-casein milk. The A1 type milk possesses Histidine amino acid, which is not as nutritious for health as A2 milk. Some may go as far as to say that A1 beta-casein milk is not good for our health, as this type of milk is technically not natural. Naturally speaking, the milk from the traditional Indian cow, which is not a hybrid cow, still possesses only A2 beta-casein and not A1 beta-casein.

Milk supply, demand, and quality;

Some valuable information for you is the way milk is produced and the nutritional value of the milk. Today, in cities the demand for milk is tremendous. Every household has its own demand for milk consumption and as a result, there are numerous suppliers of milk. These include various brands that sell milk to vast populations and fulfill the heavy demand for milk. However, anyone who comes from rural India and is aware of what real milk tastes like will immediately identify that the milk available in cities is not the same at all. The reason is that the primary milk supply to fulfill the demand for milk in cities is fulfilled using imported versions of cows that are able to produce large quantities of milk. In some cases, some of these high-yielding dairy cows are capable of producing up to 30 liters of milk a day on average. Furthermore, some dairy cows produce even higher quantities a day, up to 60 liters of A1 beta-casein milk.

In comparison to the high milk yields of imported and hybrid versions of cows, the Indian cow produces far less milk on a daily basis. Typically, the Indian cow only produces milk after it has given birth to its calf, and even then, the amount of milk it produces is limited. However, what we are really pointing out here is the quality of milk that the Indian cow produces. The fact that the Indian cow is not a hybrid version of a cow, meaning that the genetics of the cow is as nature designed them. The Indian cow is as it has been for centuries, and not a new breed of cow. No tampering has taken place to produce a version of the Indian cow that produces higher yields of milk. Because the cow is natural as nature designed it, the milk it produces is also very natural and authentic, which is A2 beta-casein milk.

Milk for children and the health benefits of milk;

The primary function of milk as designed by nature in mammals is to feed the very young offspring of mammals. The traditional belief system that people have regarding milk, and the growth and developmental benefits it has for children are correct. However, the type of milk that does all this is A2 milk. A2 beta-casein milk possesses all the various benefits that children need, such as strengthening their immunity and helping with their mental and physical development. Cow milk was designed by nature to ensure that the young calf gets the nutrition it requires to develop into a healthy adult, capable of surviving the various harsh conditions of life to reach adulthood. When we humans consume the same milk, the same benefits apply to us as well. These are the health benefits, which make milk so popular among us.

Milk that is produced by hybrid cows has unwittingly changed the type of milk that the cow produces to A1 beta-casein type milk. However, most people are not aware of this fact and believe that milk is milk, and milk is very good for health. This is true for A2 beta-casein milk that the traditional Indian cow produces in smaller quantities possesses the genuine qualities that we believe all milk possesses. A1 beta-casein milk-producing cows are not a natural species of cow that originated on their own. These are all cows that were hybrid with one goal in mind, and that is to meet the demand for large quantities of milk by the public. Giramrit Phal makes available to you, what you would know as real milk. Real milk is milk that possesses all the wonderful health benefits that you associate with milk in Gurgaon.


We have shared with you some valuable information related to the actual health benefits of the 2 primary milk types. If you believe that milk possesses the health benefits that you believe it does, then you need to start consuming natural unadulterated cow milk. If you’re a resident of Gurgaon and are interested in procuring ‘real natural farm fresh cow milk in Delhi, we encourage you to reach out to us. For more information related to cow milk, and how you can get it, etc, you can email us via our ‘Reach us’ page. Our team will respond to your queries within 24 working hours. Alternatively, you can simply call us; our number is published on the top banner of our website.

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