Law as a Career in India

In India, Law has always considered a noble and respectable profession. The roots of our country have the work of great lawyers involved, like Gandhi, Madam Mohan Malvinas, Dadabhai Nairobi, Motile Nehru, et al. The lawyers then and therefore the lawyers now have always been meticulously helping in regulating the system of our country. The lawyers help society and make sure that the legal machinery is regulated.

They support members of the society by representing them in cases, by filing PILs, by giving them suitable legal advice on matters sought by the clients, and most significantly to assist the client get justice. Anybody within the bar is usually treated with utmost respect and consideration. this is often because the bar is so noble and prestigious in nature.

The actual fact that an individual may be a part of the system makes the opposite members respect him. This paper attempts to list down and analyze the explanations why the law may be a noble profession. Persuing law with the top law colleges in Gwalior is found to be a good decision of many lawyers.


As long as there’s a society, there’ll be a necessity for lawyers. People of the society and therefore the lawyers are mutually dependent. The individuals need lawyers to urge out of trouble, to represent them in legal proceedings and to make sure that the laws of the land are properly implemented and therefore the lawyers got to perform such services for livelihood and to assist make corrections within the societal behavior. the rationale a career in law is so recommendable and prevalent is that of its diversity. A student pursuing law from top law colleges in Gwalior can take up the subsequent careers with just a bachelor’s or a master’s degree.

The available opportunities within the legal field are as follows:

1. A lawyer is additionally referred to as an attorney or counselor in some parts of the planet . the most functions of a lawyer are to litigate, to supply service to the clients, to advise the clients on matters sought by them, to represent the clients whether prosecution or defense in both trials also as appellate courts.

2. A lawyer can perform paralegal functions like drafting court documents, drafting legal documents, perform legal research, and helping the senior counsels with whatever they require from time to time.

3. Compliance analyst– the most function of such an analyst is to make sure good governance, risk management, and compliance of the corporate or firm they work for with the laws of the land. they need to make sure that the company’s policies, rules, and bylaws are in accordance with the constitution and other legal statutes of the country.

4. Judge- A lawyer can undoubtedly enter into the judiciary. they will become a Judge or a Magistrate. they will use this position to make sure that the disputes are settled fast and in accordance with principles of natural justice, they preside over all the court proceedings and are empowered to offer rulings in favor of the deserving party during a dispute.

5. Arbitrator, also referred to as a mediator ensures that the disputes between parties are settled in a smooth and amicable manner. He guides and persuades the parties to reach a compromise or at a settlement without getting to the court intrinsically.

6. Stenographer– he’s a court reporter, who sits within the courtroom and assists the Judges. they need to form a note of each word spoken during a proceeding. They transcribe the legal proceedings in court and each other following aspect until the top of a dispute.

7. Others– There are many other careers available to a student like a forensic expert, firm administrator, in-house counsel, court clerk, law professor, Legal career counselor, Dean of a school of law, litigation support professional, legal analyst, conflict analyst, etc.


As members of the system, we’ve to know the most objective of the law, which is to manage and influence human behavior. Today, we’ve laws for everything, from major crimes to simple things like the construction of roads. we’ve laws that are of civil, criminal, and constitutional nature. All of those laws, within the end, aim at regulating the behavior of the members of society. Since the laws restrict most of the incorrect activities, humans, as a result, become more obedient. as an example, more people wear helmets while riding, because it’s been penalized by the law. This has helped alter their behavior.

Law ensures that folks are skilled. for instance, we’ve laws that ban alcohol consumption or laws that impose a requirement to worry for the environment, the general public, and one’s neighbors. This makes the citizen skilled. Thus, the lawyers are indirectly helping the people to switch their behavior. The lawyers help correct wrong behavior by punishing those that do wrong activities. PRESTIGE We all know that law may be a noble and prestigious profession, but have we ever wondered why? the rationale is straightforward. it’s because an outsized number of individuals depend upon the lawyers to get fairness, equity, and justice.

The lawyers become officers of the court, and this is often no piece of cake. they need to end their graduation, pass an All India bar exam, and only then can they begin practicing. Law is one of the foremost honorable professions due to the facility, prestige, and dignity attached to the present position. Lawyers put behind their self-interest and work toward the betterment of their clients. The judges, similarly, add a humble and diligent manner to determine which party is true and which is wrong. they supply judgment in such a fashion to punishing the wrongdoer but also to catch up on the victims’ loss.

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