Kasol is your dream trekking destination, why is that?

Kasol is your dream trekking destination, why is that?

Kasol, a quaint hamlet at 1640 m on the banks of the Parvati River is known as ‘Mini Israel’ in Himachal Pradesh. It lies between Bhuntur and Manikaran at a distance of 37 KM from Kullu. Picturesque views over the Valley of Parvati and snowcapped mountains can be found here. There is an old bridge that splits Kasol into Old Kasol and New Kasol.

With plenty of flora and fauna, a milky waterfall, delightful delights, and pleasant local people, Kasol has become a renowned tourist destination for packers of bags, walks, and lovers of nature. In Kasol, particularly young Israeli, not only Indian voyageurs, even foreigners can be seen. It is one of the best ways to enjoy an eternal holiday in the lap of nature.

Kasol is a tourist destination all year round with great weather and temperature. Most people, however, tend to visit it from April to June during the summer. In addition, it is an appropriate time for adventure enthusiasts, as most trekking routes are accessible by now. Kasol is the base camp of several treks, in particular. Photographers of nature and wildlife will discover the secret jewels in the winter as snow increases the beauty of the area.

It is time for Kasol to explore

You will feel harmony far beyond your imagination when you are surrounded by nature. Kasol is the idyllic meditation and rejuvenation destination in the lush surroundings. In addition, you can take a trek if you want to know the crude beauty of Kasol as it is filled with unending activity and excitement. Here we mention four wonderful hikes that will provide you with a life-long experience:

  1. Vibing at Chalal

Just 3 km from Kasol is Chalal. Chalal. This striking villa is renowned for its culture and rituals on the banks of the River Parvati. You cross a suspension bridge over the river during this undertaking. In addition, you can have your naked eyes on high trees, waterfalls, exotic flowers, and the country household. You can camp and party at night after you reach this location. The most beautiful thing about this place is the locals who welcome you warmly.

  1. Tosh and Tranquility

Tosh is a peaceful village in Himachal Pradesh, at 2399 meters above sea level. It lies at the end of the Parvati valley in particular. You can walk to the village of Tosh on steps opposite the Shiva Temple if you enter Kasol. The course goes through beautiful apple gardens and lush wilderness. You can find a temple of Rishi Jamdagni where you can see a wonderful view on your camera of this ancient temple. You can also go on the roof of the temple, where the snow-covered peaks can be seen. The trek provides numerous fun and exciting choices and keeps the trekkers surprised by its charm.

  1. Grahan’s Local Flavor

Grahan has about 50 houses and a population of 350 village people. It also boasts ancient temples of considerable architecture. You can encounter children with whom you can play pit hood or cricket during this Kasol to Grahan trek. Moreover, on this journey, you can feel comfortable as the route is lush green, pine, and oak trees forests.

  1. Kheerganga, A Natural Beauty

The Kheerganga Trek begins in Kasol at an altitude of 3,692 m. You will experience the beauty of the confluence of the Tosh and Parvati rivers, Barshaini, during this exciting trip. Notably, local people believe Lord Shiva and his son Kartikeya were living in Kheerganga. In addition, the trail crosses slippery slopes and several wooden bridges. Your eyes will celebrate charming waterfalls throughout the hike, and that is when you realize that Kasol is more than just a hiking destination. The crystal clear sky and huge green countryside make yourself a much-needed delight.

  1. Sar Pass Trek

Situated at an altitude of 4206 m, in a splendid Pin Parvati valley, Sar Pass is a perfect escape for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. On this trip, Sar Pass Lake is one thing you can never leave with. The path leads you through the thick oak and pine forests, villages in the Himalayas, quiet lakes, breathtaking rivers, and alpine wilderness. Moreover, the valley is renowned for its colorful flowers and butterflies, such as Dodona Durga and album Metallica. Also, many Indian and migrating birds including woodpecker, big barbet, monal, black bubble, griffon, and flattened parakeet are on sightseeing. You should go on this journey to challenge your inner capacity for excitement.

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