How to start a Patanjali business franchisee in India?

How to start a Patanjali business franchisee in India

Patanjali is a leading Ayurvedic brand in India. You must be aware of the natural properties the products have. Patanjali has all the options for your household and covers a wide network across India. With few years of operation it has supported various franchise outlets in the country. Patanjali business has proved to be incredibly profitable for many franchise holders who have take the Patanjali franchise to expand their business.

There has been a rapid growth in the number of Patanjali franchises as people are now being cautious about what products and services they must avail in their day to day living. And patanjali is one such brand which focuses on using natural ingredients and essence for manufacturing their products and supply them throughout the country.

Patanjali is a leading Ayurveda brand in India which supports various businessmen to have a sustainable income and survive in the market which is powered by increasing competition everyday. Nowadays, many people want to know about the process of taking a Patanjali franchisee and expands their business in India.

Today in this article we’ll be giving you all the information about how you can own a Patanjali franchisee and commence your Patanjali business in India? This article covers the entire process.

  1. Channels of Network

Patanjali is a leading Ayurveda brand and it has products catering to different people. The company generally sells products through three different channels and networks:

  1. Swadeshi Kendra : non-medicine outlets.
  2. Patanjali Arogya Kendra : Health and Wellness products
  3. Patanjali Chikitsalaya: they are clinics with doctors
  4. Profit Analysis

As you already know the company is known for delivering the best medicinal and health care products throughout the country. Currently, the company is growing and expanding like anything with more than 45000 retail stores and 3500 distributors throughout the country. The company is good turnovers when it comes to earning profits.

With a growth rate of 120% the Patanjali Group is focusing on expanding its business in various domains and grow globally. The group is already present in US, Canada and UK markets with a good market value and brand image.

Now it is willing to grow further and expand its horizon internationally covering various other countries.The vision of the company focuses on developing Swadeshi products instead of consumer products and help India become an ideal place for growth and development of swadeshi products with international recognition and market value. The best part of the Patanjali group is it helps people get natural products free from any chemical treatments at affordable prices, comparatively cheaper than any other brand available in the market. Making the products available to the consumers at pocket friendly prove is the main forte of the Patanjali group.

Therefore, considering all this information we can finally come to a conclusion that owning a Patanjali franchisee will be a profitable business for anyone.

Now before taking a Patanjali franchise you must have a thorough knowledge about all its products:

  1. Food Products: Basmati rice, Powdered Sugar, Apple Chutney, Biscuits, Almonds,

Tomato Ketchup, Jam, Pickles, Badam Pak, Choco Flakes Pulses etc.

  1. Healthcare Products : Aloe Vera Juice, Gulab Sharbat, Jamun Vinegar, Hing Goli, Pure

Honey, Mango Panna, Ghee.

  1. Ayurvedic Medicines : Crack heal cream , Gulkand, Giloy Juice etc.
  2. Home Products Range : Incense Sticks, Liquid Detergent, Detergent Powder etc.
  3. Owning a Patanjali Franchisee in India

Patanjali has progressive plans to open more franchisees in India and widen the horizon of it’s business and make stronger grounds for growth and development. If you’re willing to buy a Patanjali franchisee in India complete the following formalities quickly and commence your business at the earliest without any complications.

After completing all the documentation and legal formalities you can apply for the distributorship from Patanjali. With all the efforts and hardwork you can make your presence count in the market. You just need to take care you complete it all in time with a step wise approach :

  1. Shop Area requirement : 300 Sq Ft. to 2000 Sq. Ft.
  2. Cash Investment: Minimum 6 Lakhs to 60 Lakhs
  3. Expected Break Period : Around 2-4 years.
  4. Security Deposit : a minimum security deposit of Rs. 4 Lakh should be deposited with demands draft on the name of the person who will own the franchisee.
  1. Location : the store must have a Prime location in the centre of the city.
  2. Applicant must deposit his Aadhar card, 5-7 passport size photographs, pan card, address proof, copy of sales, registration, ownership or rent deed of Mega store etc. to the concerned authority along with an application .
  1. Cost Variations Depending Upon the type of Store
  2. Opening cost for Patanjali Retails Store – Starting from Rs.50,000/-
  3. Opening cost for Patanjali Dealership Store – Starting from Rs.50,000/-
  4. Opening cost for Patanjali Mega Store – Rs.1 crore.
  5. Documentation

Owning a Patanjali franchisee doesn’t require an elaborated or complicated documentation. You just have to take care of filing an application with all the details of the store you want to open. A must requirement for opening a Patanjali store is the owner should not be condemned by the court for any unethical action.

Since Patanjali functions on building a good reputation in the market you should possess sound character.

They seriously want that the candidate should be free from any unlawful act or criminal record in the past. You need to submit a duly filled application form, along with all the documents mentioned above to complete the legal formalities for an authorized ownership.

  1. Applying for Dealership Approval from different options
  • Application through website You can file your application through the Patanjali website. You can fill in all the details by downloading the form and visit the official website to get a franchisee.
  • Via Email

Though this is a time taking process but you can give it a shot and apply for the dealership by sending an email to the dealership .

  • Contact the office directly

You may directly approach them by contacting them on their postal address and post your application over there if the above methods do not work.

Patanjali Food & Herbal Park,

Vill. – Padartha , P.O. – Dhanpura, Laksar Road, Haridwar – 249404

Ph – 01334 – 240008

Fax – 01334 – 265370

You can use the above mentioned information for posting your application.


Starting a Patanjali business in India can be little complicated bit the process is always worthwhile. Thebrand is already made a strong and widespread market for itself. The business aims to develop strong market and recognition to strive and grow globally. Starting your own Patanjali franchisee will be alucrative business opportunity to enhance your managerial skills, develop intellectually, know about the present market scenario, meet the demands of the customers and develop long term healthy relationships with them to sustain your business.

Many individuals across the country have recently opted for a Patanjali franchisee to grow well and sustain itself in the market. This is a good option for people who want to expand their business empire with a stable source of earning. Though the initial years will require you to give more than 100℅ and wait patiently for the results. But if you’ll do it all while taking care of all the steps along with the completion of the legal formalities success will touch your feet.

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