How To Fix 6 Fundamental Errors In Your Inventory System.

How To Fix 6 Fundamental Errors In Your Inventory System.

Demand and supply is a two-way process. When the demand for any product increased its supply increased as well. All these products are kept in a huge warehouse. Many questions pop up in a curious mind. How all these products kept? How is staff managing the entry and expiry of so many products? How many items are left in stock? How much variety is available? The initial concern in business is the management of these products. The clear answer is stock-keeping or ebay inventory management software. Keeping items in a warehouse with proper entry and all details.

To maintain Buyer’s interest in the online market, a seller should work to make a good listing of all the items. Listing should be done precisely by adding pricing, photos, visibility, etc. Moreover, this can be one of the ways that motivate a buyer to buy the product in the end.

What does stock-keeping mean?

Inventory word is a verb, It is not the name of any things. It is an active performance in large storage halls or warehouses. Inventory means keeping a record of items like color, size, brands, or raw material used by production companies. How much stock available in the storage and when more will be needed. This whole procedure is also known as bookkeeping or auditing of the present and used items.

Inventory is a long-term and time-consuming process. It needs accuracy and complete detail of items available in storage or warehouse. Organizations and online businesses like eBay, Amazon are working with stock-keeping software. They update all records with the help of optimizing software. These programs have fewer errors and faster than manual systems.

Classification of Stock-Keeping

In business understanding, all basic terms to maintain a record are essential. One who is working in the record-keeping section is aware of all Inventory categories.

  • Unprocessed Material can be known as organic material.
  • WIP (Work in progress)
  • Finished Goods (Product)
  • MRO (Maintenance, Repairing, and operations)
  • Wrapping up stuff according to the material stages.
  • Replacement supplies for damages
  • Extra or decoupling products
  • Transported or pipeline supplies

Salient features of Record Keeping

It all depends on how wisely you select the product and how nicely you manage to increase demand to reach the top. In the presence of many competitors, market rivalry increased in the online market as well. So, a seller should select the item carefully and then mention details with buzz or keywords. This procedure required attentiveness to make a difference from other products in the market. Considering these important points helped a lot.

  • The material should be more than its market demand.
  • Ordering in Bulk saved time and cost.
  • Storage places or warehouses should have adequate space, Good, and safe for products.
  • Payments should be done only with the company account.
  • Ready for all unexpected changes in the surroundings and market.
  • The maintenance of listingshelps to get loans from the banks if needed.

Six errors during record-keeping and their fixers

Precision and accuracy is the main requirement for Listing and entering data. It must be in processing and trouble-free tasks in the business.

1. Chances of Error

Researchers have shown that even very skilled workers can make errors after entering 300 numbers in data. Old methods like using excel or even old data entry software are not compatible for maintaining larger numbers.


The use of automation software reduces human errors, time, and money. They track and trace each step from dispatch to delivery of the product. Automated tools are used to read and label the products. The example can be taken from “Saara”. This machine directly reads the data from the item and adds it to the system.

2. Removal of Irrelevant or useless item

After a year or so, get rid of extra items from the warehouse. As these items cannot be sold and considered as out of date or not in fashion items even. So these extra or unnecessary items create mass in the warehouse and leave no space for new things.


Fix a time duration to maintain your warehouse or get rid of old-style or unsold items from the storage hall. Cleaning and having a place for new things give peace of mind to sellers.

 3. Skilled Staff

Hired skilled and qualified staff to reduce your work. Especially maintaining a record is tough work and it should be very well maintained. Asserts and workers both lead toward a successful business. They both are proportional to each other.


The best solution is to hire an accurate person. Keep updating your system with the latest inventions.

4. Unaware from Market

Market analysis is another component of success. Keep checking new trends, customer requirements, reviewing profit and loss records. Lagging or Unable to meet the market requirements lead to the failure of the business.


A businessman should know the latest trend in the market. In this situation, taking help from market experts benefited more and you will get ready to use plans for different market strategies. Develop the RnD department and Hire a proper market research analyst to do half of your work.

5. Auditing

Reviewing and updating records every month. At present most of the system has shifted to automated programs. Rechecking can save from unseen errors. Items got Damaged during delivery or returned by the customers. Later in overall auditing, all these records were maintained.


Schedule proper plan for auditing. Locate time for each department and do auditing. Automated systems are helpful and solve many problems.

6. Interlinked Several Warehouses

Hundreds and thousands of items store in more than one storage place. Having more warehouses and keeping a record of all these items is very difficult.


Multiple storage places or warehouses can be interlinked with the help of the latest technologies. After knowing all these above points, it guides you to review your inventory management system.

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