Here Starts A New Era Of Class With Luxury Cars.

Here Starts A New Era Of Class With Luxury Cars.

A luxury car is like a lap of comfort and elegance, a floating dream of life, a bliss on wheels. A luxury car is regarded    as a symbol of refining class and taste. It is an unspoken statement of your personality. It is not only about money but to maintain such luxurious cars, a luxurious brain and willpower are required. It is the 21st year of the 21st century, we are living in a post-modern era, and luxury cars are the product of modernity, technological advancements, and scientific wonder. Those who want to feel that blissful drive in that comfort zone for all the lovers of luxury and pleasure. We are here with a list of luxury cars of this new era. The list is free-form any prejudices. These are such fantastic cars that it does seem proper to present them in a particular order. Just read and choose to let it speak for you. 

Let Us Begin With ‘Lexus LS.’ 

It is a dream of a luxury lover. This car defines the meaning of luxury. With a petrol engine of 3456 ccs, it can wonderfully achieve 0-100 kmph in just 5.4 seconds. It has a hybrid power train consisting of a V6 petrol engine with 3.5 liters, two electric motors, and has a 10-speed gearbox.  It has various driving modes such as standard, comfort, eco, sport S, and S+. Its fuel economy is 15kmpl. 

Features Of this Vehicle. 

It is loaded with highly efficient security features that a single car has 14 airbags. It has a dynamic radar cruise control, driver emergency stop, high beam system, and two adaptive stages. It has a lane departure assist and road sign assist. A 7-inch touchscreen controller, two entertainment displays of 11.6 inches along with a good sound system. 

Price And Reviews. 

Its price is 1.91cr. On average, this car gets 4\5

BMW 7 Series Luxury Of Today. 

Though it is never old, this is a luxury car which is famous among everyone. BMW is a synonym of a luxury car. Its seven series have proved itself like always to be in the list of luxury cars. It has been launched in India recently with its six variants. Among them, 3 are diesel, 2 are petrol, and 1 is a hybrid variant. A turbocharged engine with 3.0 liter making 265ps/620nm gives power to the diesel variant. With six cylinders, a turbo-petrol engine with 3.0 liter making 340ps/450nm gives power to the 740 li variant. Instead, it has more variants, and all have 8-speed automatic transmissions. 

Features of the vehicle. 

It has six airbags and dynamic stability control ( DSC). 10.25-inches touchscreen entertainment displays two full HD screens of 10.2-inches in the second row. A Harmon Kardon music system with 16 speakers, parking assistance, and a surround-view camera. Its fuel economy is 8-39kmpl. 

Price And Reviews 

Its price is 1.23 cr. to 2.44 cr. The review for this car as compared between different studies is 4.7\5

Audi A8 Luxury That Stands Apart. 

This is a luxury car with a different attitude. It has a unique and charming identity. With a petrol/diesel engine of 2995 cc and automatic transmission, Audi A8 is a five-seater luxury car with ease and comfort. 

Features Of The Vehicle. 

It is now coming with a complete exterior and interior. It now has a three-screen inside the cabin, first, on the dashboard with 10.1 inches and second with 8.6 inches to control the air-conditioning system. There is an all-digital instrument cluster. It has two engines, and buyers in India can choose between the two. The 3.0 liter TDI diesel engine and 3.0-litre TFSI petrol engine. They make 296 ps and 340 ps of power, respectively. It has a fuel economy of 12kmpl. 

Price and Reviews. 

Its price is 1.57 cr. As far as its review 4.7/5. 

Porsche Panamera A Symbol Of Elegance. 

A luxury car with a sporty touch. Porsche is the second name of elegance and classiness. It has been launched in India with four variants. Panamera, Panamera GTS, Panamera Turbo SE-Hybrid and Panamera Turbo S. 

Safety and Security Features.

This car comes with Airbags, ABS, Rear Parking sensors, Child Safety Lock, USB Support, Keyless Entry, Rear Parking Camera, Bluetooth support, Brake Assist, Hill Assist, Rain Sensitive Wiper, Headlight Washer, etc.

Nothing Can Beat It When It’s About Comfort. 

Cruise Control, Paddle Shift, Air Conditioning, Heater, Push Start Open Buttons, Height Adjustable Drivers Seat, Front and Rear Armrests, Leather Upholstery and Climate Control System. It gives you a music system SD/DVD player, speaker, internal memory, and radio for your entertainment. It comes with a petrol and diesel engine with automatic transmission and 14.7 and 18.2 km mileage. 

Price and Reviews. 

Its price is 1.45 to 2.43 cr. And with its dashing feature gets 4.8/5 ratings. 

Mercedes Benz S-Class. 

No list of luxury cars is complete without Mercedes Benz-S Class. It is one of the best cars in the world. It is full size, large, and elegant sedan. The Mercedes S-Class has a unique cabin. Its rear-seat comfort is remarkable. It has a V6 petrol engine with 3.0 liter 367hp, and a 3.0-liter diesel engine with 286hp is imposing.

Feature Of The Vehicle

It has child safety locks, airbags, 8ABS, and automatic transmission. It also has a fully digital instruments cluster and infotainment system, leather upholstery, panoramic sunroof a d exquisite design of interior and exterior. It has a fuel economy of 7.81 to 13.5 km. 

Price and Reviews. 

Its price ranges from 1.41 cr to 2.78 cr, and this magical drive has been rated 5/5

Rolls-Royce Phantom A Royal Luxury. 

There were chariots and horses in ancient times, but in the new era, there is Rolls-Royce, a symbol of royalty and luxury in the true sense. The majestic look of Rolls-Royce gives the experience of true royalty. It is a sizeable body-type sedan with a sitting capacity of 5 and automatic transmission. It has a petrol engine of 6749 ccs. 

Feature Of Vehicle

It has power steering, ABS, airbags for driver and passengers, power window front, fog light-front, air-conditioner automatic climate control alloys wheels CTC. Its fuel economy is 9.8 km. 

Price And Reviews 

The price of this royal luxury is 9.5 cr onwards, and the ratings given to it are 5/5All cars are unique in their feature, design, comfort, pleasure, and other essential elements, which are remarkably attributed to them. The list is never-ending though the present luxury car top in the present. Change your dream into reality and feel the ecstasy of royal elixir.

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