Everyone Loves Home Swap Nowadays

LAs the housing market tanks, homeowners who want to move to a larger home, downsize or relocate have become more open to the idea of the home swap, says Sergei Naumov, CEO of Goswap.org. In addition to other similar sites, many homeowners list home swap deals on Craigslist. Founder of the online exchange The Vacation Exchange Network.

Home swaps are not as complicated as they sound at first, Naumov says. Simply put, swapping real estate means selling your home to another person and buying a home for them on the same day. The idea of permanent house swapping, popular a few years ago, is not an option for most sellers. A house swap is a strategy with which owners of vacation homes act.    

Your home doesn’t have to be worth the same amount, but you pay your own mortgage. This means that if you and your home swap partner on the other house, your deal is done. There are several risks in the process that you need to weigh up before deciding whether to trade. Permanent house swaps offer a creative way to sell your property after buying another. Homeowners undertake to buy each other a house, enter into two separate purchase and sale agreements for the new house and complete the transaction on the same day.

To find a suitable property for a permanent home exchange, you need to find a willing homeowner who will sell a house in your price range, meet your requirements, and be willing to accept your home in return. Professional consultants such as appraisers, mortgage loan advisors, and real estate lawyers are called in to ensure the smooth running of the entire process.

For those who want to sell or buy on the open market, one option is to find someone to swap a house with. House swapping can take place when people know each other and there are several websites where people can list their property and give details of who they want to swap it with. On these pages, it is easy to bring house exchanges with more than 1,000 properties available for exchange to the stock exchange.

A study by consultancy website The Advisory in July last year put the average agent fee at 14.2 percent of a property’s value. If you apply this figure to April’s UK house price index, the average house price is £229,000 before agents fees. If these fees are $100 or more a year, and the average price of a night in a hotel exceeds $100, most people will find these fees a bargain. When you swap a house, you don’t pay a dime for your accommodation. The only cost associated with a house swap is membership fees for an online listing service, which is essential to find a swap. The advantages of house exchange are manifold and provide a unique holiday experience that is not available with conventional accommodation options.

The change of apartment at home allows you to develop a friendship with your exchange family and to gain an insight into their inner life. Some exchanges allow you to host your exchanges. You can stay at home while they are visiting for a week, or you can visit them for another week. If you go down this route, your vacation time may not be what you would like to do, but the idea is to be a host.

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