The COVID-19 Pandemic is directly or indirectly affecting each one of us as members of the global community. We hope you and your loved ones continue to take necessary precautions and stay safe and healthy. We hope we all stand strong despite the current global health crisis paving the way for a safe and healthy future.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has had a massive impact on business operations and marketing techniques. It has been one of the biggest barriers hindering overall growth and expansion of the business. Owing to frequent lockdowns and emphasis on the concept of social distancing has greatly affected the sale strategy of brands. Thousands of people have lost their jobs and means of livelihood due to unanticipated shut downs of various enterprises thereby, causing a distinctive fall in the economy of the country. Store walk ins, dine ins etc. have been stopped in accordance to the COVID-19 protocols. There has been a massive shift of attention towards online shopping and e-commerce. Currently, the people prefer shopping in the comfort and safety of their own houses, without having to go out. The convenience of getting the products delivered at the doorstep has made e-commerce a blessing for the brands. It has opened a completely new avenue and opportunities to formulate expansion and marketing strategies.

Indian handicrafts have been a significant part of the Indian culture and traditions since their conception. They are characterized by old-world charm and vibrance. However over the last few years, there has been a massive decline in the market for the same. It has been a challenge for these local businesses to compete with retail giants ruling the fashion and lifestyle front. However these crafts are now diverting their attention towards blending the east and the west. Many young designers are working towards incorporating these handicrafts in contemporary designs and aesthetic to cater to the needs of the modern age consumer. Despite efforts being put in towards the upliftment of these crafts, the growth in terms of sale and development is still quite slow in comparison to the commercial market. Thus, denying the recognition and accolades deserved by the grass root artisans. Additionally, owing to the ongoing pandemic, the situation for the artisans has become worse since these crafts require a lot of precision, intricacy, resources, time and effort. Due to the social distancing and lockdown protocols, many ongoing projects have come to a standstill which in turn has affected their means of livelihood.

Chikankari is one of the most timeless crafts of all time. This white on white embroidery has been a hot favourite since its inception during the Mughal reign. This craft was patronized and taught by the Mughal Empress, NurJahan herself. It is a cumbersome process and requires skill and technique. A single Chikankari product takes about months of sleepless nights, constant effort and great skill.  Since the pandemic has shifted marketing base online, small vendors aren’t being able to keep up with the change in logistics and are unable to compete with the brands who already have a strong online presence. Dhaaga& Co. Chikankari bridges that gap and provides due recognition and acknowledgment to these small scale businesses.

Dhaaga& Co. Chikankari is a Lucknow based e-commerce platform which retails for these vendors, generating sales, providing a strong base for branding and contributing towards the upliftment of the Karigars. It was established in association with the Dhaaga Artisan Fund. A portion of each sale made is contributed towards the fund which in turn helps in improving the livelihood of the creators of the craft. The website not only attracts sales, but also promotes the importance of Indian handicrafts and acts as a constant reminder of the brilliance of local crafts. Dhaaga provides small business owners the platform to showcase the abundant talent and skill they possess. The company works relentlessly to spread awareness and encourage the consumer to invest in local businesses thus forming a community of Chikankari indulgence comprising of karigars, designers and the consumer.  The website offers an array of Designer Kurtis Online, Premium Designer wear Kurtis, Wedding Outfits, quintessentially White Chikan Anarkalis, Gorgeous Pure Georgette Sarees in innumerable colours and designs to suit all your occasion needs. Each collection represents the unique design process significant to each designer.

Dhaaga& Co. is unique in a lot of ways. The very niche of the brand i.e to give back to the creators of the craft, is what sets us apart from other Chikankari curators/retailers. We put forward a carefully curated assemblage of the most exquisite Chikankari in a wide range of colours, fabrics, price range and silhouettes. Thus, the power of variety is what makes us special. We focus on giving our consumer the ultimate shopping experience all under one roof. At Dhaaga& Co. we believe in presenting the best of the best. All our ensembles go through a strict code of quality check. We assure 100% authenticity of each product and ensure complete consumer satisfaction.

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