Cerner vs Epic: Which one’s right for your practice?

Cerner vs Epic: Which one's right for your practice

Cerner EHR vs Epic EHR

Cerner EMR is a well-known software that has been in use for several years. This software contains a lot of useful features and covers a wide range of subjects. It’s been around for more than 30 years and has earned the respect of tens of thousands of doctors. Cerner EHR features available for clients are exceptional and we are going to discuss why as we move forward in this article.

Epic EMR Software, on the other hand, was formed in 1979 and has been used in a variety of areas. Epic EHR software is well-known for impressing a large number of medical professionals. The software includes a lot of cool features which aid clients with their daily operational chores as well as automating all of the practice’s complicated tasks. Epic EMR software is among the most highly rated EHR systems available. It’s a cloud-based EHR system that promises to enhance the state of healthcare.

Top EHR Features

Cerner EHR Features

1. Patient Portal

In today’s society, a patient portal is a necessity not only because of its cutting-edge technology but also because it considerably reduces administrative strain. Patients can also schedule appointments for themselves based on available time slots on their calendars. They can also check their billing information, submit medical data, and do a variety of other things. This is an important characteristic to consider when comparing Cerner and Epic. Cerner and Epic are similar in this aspect because they both have this functionality.

2. Built-in Templates

It is essential to have built-in templates for various medical specialties because a premade template will save you a lot of time and energy by making patient documentation much easier. Overall, we advise having a hard look at these models to determine if they match your objectives, perhaps with the help of a Cerner demo.

3. Revenue Cycle Management

Fortunately, Cerner EHR has a fantastic RCM feature that you can use to see how your practice is doing financially and what the future holds.

Epic EHR Software

1. Electronic Prescriptions

Epic EMR recognizes how much time writing prescriptions and other technical work can take up, which is why it has made this job automated. You will save time and be able to focus on more essential duties with electronic prescriptions. Physicians can quickly send prescriptions to pharmacies, along with the exact dosages and other necessary data.

2. Telehealth Solutions

Telehealth capabilities are essential, especially in this day and age, when medical practices have realized that they may not be able to exist without them. Telehealth has become a major source of revenue for many medical practices since the Covid-19 outbreak made it impossible for patients to come into a clinic or medical office. As a result, Epic EHR wins this battle between Cerner and Epic.

3. Patient Portal

Epic’s patient portal is very well-known, as is Cerner EHRs. The interface is beautifully built and fulfills all of the functions that a decent Patient portal should. It not only offers the patient’s comprehensive medical history, but it also allows the doctor and the patient to communicate more easily. It is one of the most talked-about EHR features of Epic EMR.

If you compare Epic EMR and Cerner EMR features side by side, you’ll notice that they both have their strengths in some areas and they both have their weaknesses in some areas. Both of the software is built wonderfully. Which software features are more suitable for you is the question you can answer by looking at the needs of your company. For more guidance in this area, please visit Software Finder

Pricing and Reviews

Cerner EHR

Cerner is a low-cost system that is priced according to the number of users and features you desire. Cerner’s monthly cost starts at $25.00 per user. Cerner EHR reviews are mainly positive and discuss how useful the EHR software is in general.

Epic EMR

The vendor has not released pricing for Epic EMR. There is no free version available. There is no free trial available for Epic EMR. If you compare the prices of Cerner and Epic, you’ll notice that Epic is substantially more expensive than Cerner EMR! This software comes in a variety of tiers from which you can choose depending on the functionality you require.

Final Thoughts!

Finally, after weighing the pros and cons of the Cerner EHR system versus Epic EMR, you must be undoubtedly curious about the system we recommend. We’re afraid we won’t be able to make this decision. We will, however, guide you in making your own choice. Make a list of features you’d want to see in the software, then compare it to the features supplied by Cerner EHR and Epic EMR.  We would also recommend you reading out as many Epic and Cerner EMR reviews as possible.

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