Best Way to Deal with the Trolls in your Instagram Comments

One of the best ways to deal with the Trolls in your comments is not to give them much attention at all. The problem with dealing with the Trolls in your Instagram comments is that they will click on your name and profile picture to see what you’re doing. This is the worst thing that you can do to deal with the Trolls in your comments.

For one thing, you are potentially putting your life under threat. However, it is also important to realize that you are not dealing with the person, but rather with the internet image of that person, so if you get into an argument or ignore them completely, you’re better off overall than picking a fight.

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The best way to Deal with the Trolls in your Instagram comments is to avoid getting into an argument with them. When you do, you risk looking desperate or acting like a wimp in front of the whole world.

No matter how large the Trolls might be or how many people might be upset with them, it doesn’t make sense to try and take a stance of weakness in front of the entire Internet. You’ll only be seen as weak and pathetic. It’s best to keep your profile private if you need to, but at least don’t turn your back on the Trolls altogether. In the same vein, it’s best to avoid arguing with the Trolls in general. Arguing with someone on the Internet is like squirting them in the eye with a squirt gun.

Real Online Person

The Trolls will become even more upset and start posting even more negative comments about you and your situation. When dealing with the Trolls in your comment section, it’s important not to allow them to have their way. Would you please not allow them to use abusive language or curse you out? Would you please not give them any reason to post their comments under your name or picture? This is the best way to deal with the Trolls. If you ever want to deal with a real Online Person, you need to act like a Real Person.

Dealing with a Troll

It may seem like a lot of work to deal with Trolls, but it just involves being aware that they exist and that you should never deal with them. Trolls are nothing more than angry, frustrated kids, that have had enough of the real world and want their soapbox where they can vent.

All they want is attention, so when you try to deal with them, you’re dealing with an angry child who doesn’t want to listen. It’s best to ignore them completely if you want to avoid dealing with a Troll. You can use a private message feature on your email client to send them a “personal message” instead of a comment or a link.

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Looking for a Sympathetic Person

If you do get into a conversation with a Troll, it’s always best to start by leaving them a private message and then saying something like “talk later” or “bye.” This allows the Troll to think that you want to talk and might be willing to negotiate or even agreeing to a settlement. Trolls tend to look for people whom they perceive as being sympathetic to them; therefore, if you’re dealing with one of these annoying folks, it makes sense that you would act that way yourself to avoid getting into any trouble. Even if the Troll isn’t looking for a sympathetic person to deal with, a little bit of compassion will go a long way in their eyes. And when you act more compassionate than the Troll is acting, it usually makes them more inclined to stop posting messages on your blog or forum.

Including Leaving Comments

The best way to deal with the Troll is to ignore them. A more extreme option is to fight them, but this isn’t recommended unless you’re up for a fantastic fight. As I mentioned before, Trolls are highly skilled at manipulating the beliefs and feelings of those around them. Suppose you allow them the power to make you deal with them in this way.

In that case, they could very well convince you to do just about anything, including leaving comments on your website, trading stocks, or doing any number of other things that are against your better judgment. Therefore, if you see someone behaving in an unproductive manner, ignoring them or even worse, threatening you, it’s always best to ignore them and report them anonymously.

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