Best online study apps for competitive exams

Best online study apps for competitive exams

Hard work is necessary to qualify for any test or competitive exam, but at the same time, you have to be bright and well aware of the online study apps to brush up your knowledge and develop your aptitude. Without hard work, nothing can be achieved, but hard work coupled with innovative work and research can do wonders. You must be wondering what brilliant work is? Creative work is nothing but knowing about a particular subject in detail with thorough revisions and updating yourself beyond the bookish knowledge to score better results and crack any competitive exam. With digitalization and internet access, students have found new ways and methods for learning more about a particular subject with the help of different mobile applications. With the Android/iOS apps, you can contribute to your knowledge impeccably well and enrich your knowledge with regular revisions. Cracking government exams become pretty easy with such mobile applications. They use effective intelligent strategies to help you deliver your best. More than 70% of the students have managed to crack competitive exams with these online study apps. Today in this article, we’ll be talking about few mobile applications in detail that can benefit you.


Oliveboard is a unique mobile study app for doing preparation for your competitive exams and managing yourself. Oliveboard develops this application, an online education platform for helping students do the best practices and crack the exam with good results. The main objective of developing this application was to provide students with the latest sample question papers and mock test papers to be sure about their grasping power and prepare themselves well. This is an excellent application for preparing for various competitive examinations like banking, government exams, insurance etc. The application has a the diversified stock of mock test papers and sample question papers to help students know in depth about the pattern and structure of the question paper. 

Following are some distinctive features of Oliveboard : 

1. Has a stock of mock test papers. 

2. Covers all the areas like Reasoning, General Awareness, Aptitude and English. 

3. Live classes are conducted, followed by practice sessions. 

4. Test papers available in Hindi and English. 

5. Planned Exam Strategic approach 

6. Free solution of previous year papers 

7. Expert Advice 

8. Hacks to solve the question paper timely 

9. E-books access 

10. Daily tests • GK & Current Affairs Application 

This mobile study application is also handy and has a structured study pattern with regular online classes. According to a recent case study, this mobile study app has been successful for more than 60% of the students to help them manage their study stress by giving relevant study material and a stock of model teat papers to enhance their knowledge and increase their concentration. It has a supply of general knowledge questions, the latest current  affairs, aptitude and reasoning questions and relevant videos for all the students with the GK quiz.

Some distinctive features of this app are : 

1. Has the latest general knowledge with news feed available offline. 

2. Has mock test papers and news in English as well as in Hindi. 

3. Keeps updated with the latest news regularly. 

4. Covers all the areas: National News, International News, Sports News, Business News etc. 


Grade up is India’s one of the top-rated mobile study app, which allows you to have an insight into the best sample test papers of the previous years. Almost all the top-ranked students have used this app in the last two years as it has a diversified stock of Aptitude, General knowledge, Current Affairs, LifeSkills and English. It covers all the domains of any competitive examination impeccably well.

Some of the distinctive features of this mobile study app areas follows : 

1. Includes live classes and mock test papers 

2. Has a stock of previous years papers 

3. Provides detailed analysis on various topics 

4. Has useful study material like videos and lectures to help students. 


This is another excellently practical application to prepare yourself for clearing competitive exams. It is designed keeping in mind the latest advancements and changes in the study pattern. It covers the entire syllabus of any competitive exam, whether it is Government, Railway, Medical, Insurance or some other examination. Some of the distinctive features of this mobile study application are :

1. Has a vast stock of previous question papers. 

2. Answers queries of all the students with string reasoning 

3. Has a stock of aptitude, general knowledge and reasoning. 

4. Is updated with the latest advancements and pattern of the question paper. 


The economic times is a compelling mobile study application that you must use if you’re preparing for a competitive exam. This application has a plethora of powerful knowledge and a stock of previous years question papers that will provide you with the guideline and exam pattern. It provides you with the best business SENSEX, Nifty, BSE, Stock market etc., to help you know about them in detail. This application has big market data for you with videos and slideshows. This application has a demonstrative approach to clear your doubts.

Some of the critical features of this app are as follows : 

1. Provides you with the latest business news. 

2. Provides information about the stock market, commodities, share and debentures etc. 

3. Vast range of topic available to upgrade you and help you prepare for the competitive exams.

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