Beginners guide for Bhandardara camping

Bhandardara is a cool, sedate hill station in the Sahyadri region of Maharashtra. The untouched destination has breathtaking scenery, luxury green clothing, faultless hills,

Bhandardara is a cool, sedate hill station in the Sahyadri region of Maharashtra. The untouched destination has breathtaking scenery, luxury green clothing, faultless hills, and, of course, plenty of beautiful waterfalls. The Arthur Lake and Kalsubai Hike are both spectacular. For townspeople in Mumbai and Pune, Bhandardara is a favorite destination for those taking a break in the arms of nature.

Route to Reach Bhandardara camping

Bhandardara is the most recommended route by the driver. Public transport will spoil the happy ride. The path is a treat for restaurants and street restaurants. The path to the main town is just about 160-190 kilometers, and it will thus take about 3.5 to 4 hours for roads.

NH 3 Highway connects Mumbai with the city. Eastern Express Highway > Pimpalgaon> Bhandardara Dam is the chosen route to enter. Kasara > Kasara > Igatpuri> Ghoti Toll post (turn right)

If you focus on Google Maps, it might be very difficult to locate campsites across Arthur Lake. It is easier to seek assistance from local people or call the travel agent in order to help them find the place. A limited distance from campsites, while a gravel road is required to arrive, is usually more than enough parking spaces possible.

By Public Transport

The village of Kasara is 60 km away, and Igatpuri is 45 km away. Trains from the CST to Igatpuri, such as the Express Nandigram, Kolkata Mail, Howrah Mail, or any local train connecting with Kasara can be used. Many busses are also available, but the regularity is fairly limited.

For Bhandardara from Kasara Station for Rs 1000-1200, if you visit people or are traveling in groups of friends, you can book private vehicles or jeeps. This is simpler and more comfortable, but still more economical because of the overall volume.

For approximately an hour, when people ride by themselves from Inca or with a friend, they can take a joint jeep to Varangushi. For about an hour, 140 climbs into a jeep. 30 for Shendi. Around 4 km from the village, Bhandardara can be reached by hiring a private jeep via a separate jeep at 20 Rs, or at rates of Rs 500.


There are a wide number of tourism and campgrounds, transport and food facilities near the lake. Camping facilities, including camping, fireplaces, and snacks, are available at Trip Agencies from 1 to 1 mile per person. Increase costs.

Places to Visit near Bhandardara camping

Arthur Lake

Arthur lake is 34 km long and is a stunning location. Plunging tents, bonfire sessions, star-gazing, and going on enjoying the nature trails in the nearer thick forests are feelings that make this location a must-visit spot in Bhandardara. It will be convenient to reach there either by private vehicle or shared jeeps from Kasara and Igatpuri Station if people are traveling by train.

Ratangad Fort

This ancient fort overlooks the Sahyadri ranges. There is a natural rock crack at the peak and is a must-see place.

The Temple of Amruteshwar

The temple of Amruteshwar is around the 1000-year-old temple of Lord Siva. There is also a naturally shaped hot spring under the Shiva Lingam (Lord shiva’s statue). This position was built by the Pandavas during the Mahabharata according to the old beliefs. Water fills itself in the inner chamber of the holy place during rainy seasons. This thrilling aspect gives tourists a mystical feeling about the temple. The temple is located at the bottom of the Ratangad fort, in Ratanwadi.

Randha Falls:

It turns to the sparkling “Randha Waterfalls” and also is the 3rd highest waterfall in India, falling from an overall height of 170ft. There is a way to stroll along and visit the cascade. In the pond formed by the waterfall, many travelers bathe. The chilly, fruitful surroundings make the place an enticing place to spend a weekend in the middle of nature. The Pravara River is a major source of hydroelectricity in the Bhandardara district, about 10 kilometers from Bhandardara. It is possible to get there from the Kasara Station (62 km away), by private or second-class option, and it drops directly from there.

There is a peculiar occurrence in the rainy season in the Sandhan Valley:

The reverse waterfall due to high pressures from the wind and precipitation. The Grand Canyon of Maharashtra is also known as the Sandhan Valley. You remember to grip shoes and a raincoat. You should remember. The whole walk is suitable for expert walkers. In Samrad, the base village of the trek is just about 23 km from Bhandardara and is about an hour away. A private car from Igatpuri, Kasara, or Bhandardara can reach the base town of Samrad. It takes just 30 minutes to reach the reverse waterfall.


  • Shoes: Running shoes are most recommended.
  • 2L Water Bottle per person.
  • Sweatshirts or winter wear during winters.
  • Torch/ Headlamp.
  • Dry Snacks.
  • Cap and sunglasses
  • Raincoat for monsoons
  • Power Banks.
  • Hiking pole.
  • A camping kit.
  • Sleeping bags.
  • Tent light.
  • Pee buddy for women.

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