Amazing Ideas to Decorate Home With Flowers For Festivals

Amazing Ideas to Decorate Home With Flowers For Festivals

The festive season is just on its way. With Janamashtami, Ganesh Pooja, Navratris, Diwali, and so on — An avenue of festivals is awaiting to mark the celebrations. It is time to get your home ready to welcome all these festivities. And when we talk about festivals, the foremost step we all take forward is to declutter our home and decorate it in the best possible ways to make it look beautiful. Festivals are an integral part of India and a perfect decoration can set the mood for festive joy.

A lot of people wish to decorate and redesign their houses before the festive season and are in search of the best decoration ideas. Did you know that the design of flowers can do wonders for decorations? So, whatever the breed of flowers you choose, their presence around your home is necessary because fresh flowers hold the amazing power to emphasize the natural beauty of any space! 

A Warm Welcoming EntryWay 

Well, the first impression is always through your entryway, so create an entrance with a beautiful feeling of fresh florals greeting your home.  You can do it beautifully in many ways such as—decorate steps with potted flowers as you walk along the way, spread flower garlands, place floating flower pieces near the main door. You can also adorn the area with some flower rangoli on the floor. 

Give Life to Your Living Area 

There’s nothing like flowers when it comes to adding vitality to any living space. It gives your living room a personal touch as well as brings undeniable ambiance in the room. You can also decorate your living room by placing fresh or artificial flower vases beside the sofa or window to fill up empty spaces, and spring unusual floating foliage to exude the spirit of festivities. You can also get online flower delivery in Chandigarh and surprise your dear ones on any special occasion. 


Decorating the Pooja Room 

At the time of pujas, a little more emphasis should be given to the puja room of your house as it is the most sacred space and ought to be serene. Decorate the entrance to make it more welcoming. All you need to do is to hang a flower garland over the top of the door frame and to both sides as well. Marigolds tend to make the most beautiful garland because of their bright color and size. Arrange flowers across the mandap, and you can also place loose bunches of flowers, or petals, across the mandap to enhance the purity of that sacred spot. Decorate the entire room with natural plants and flowers to enhance the overall look and feel of the room. Doing so will also contribute to bringing in positive energy all around the home. 

Floral Rangoli for Visual Appeal 

Rangoli are considered sacred and are meant to serve as welcoming areas to Gods, especially during festive occasions. Bright and colorful rangoli made from flower petals give a very inviting splendor. Make them near the entrance or pooja room and see the beauty of floor decoration. 

Arrange Floral Strings Through the Stairways and Railings 

A garland or swag of greenery dresses up a staircase and railings altogether. Enhance the look of the railings across your home by hanging garlands of flowers and tree leaves. It will provide a grand look along the staircase. Simple draping will transform your house railings for festive ceremonies. You can also do online flower delivery in Lucknow and get fresh blooming flowers at your doorstep. 

These are some of the best ways to decorate your Pooja room with the beauty of flowers. You also send flowers online to your loved ones to make them feel very special.

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