All You Need To know About PGDM Courses

PGDM Courses

About PGDM Course

Post-Graduation Diploma Management PGDM is a post-graduation diploma Course, it is a two-year diploma course that includes many different aspects of the Business Industry. PGDM is a management course like MBA, it gives more importance to practical approach as compared to theoretical knowledge.

Why PGDM Course?

In today’s competitive market, every company wants a good manager for their company in every field like Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Operational Department, etc. PGDM is a very high demanding course among students who want to pursue their careers in the field of management. Today’s Market is very unpredictable, on daily basis, something new is coming that makes the market very competitive, the requirements of the company, organizations, industries are also changing. It created a huge demand for Managers, Leaders all around the world.

Different Specializations for PGDM Courses

Different specializations are available in PGDM Course from which you have to select one in your Final Year. As in 1st Year, you learn many essential Management Techniques that will help you in making the strong base of Management Fundamentals.

  1. PGDM in Marketing

Marketing is one of the most demanding and popular specializations in the PGDM course. Marketing consists of a set of activities in which you have to do selling, branding, and advertising of the product. Many Career options are available in this field like Brand Manager, Marketing Research Analyst, Marketing & Sales, etc.

  1. PGDM In Operations

Operations are considered as performing the operations of a company like planning and executing the main tasks that are involved in operations. PGDM in operation includes technical as well as fundamentals managerial skills to students that are required and applicable to all the industries.

  1. PGDM in Finance

Finance is very high demanding in the PGDM course, as this is for those students who are willing to make their carrier in the field of Finance and want to learn about the ways of  Financial Management like working capital management, debt-equity ratio, Banking Sector, etc

  1. PGDM in Human Resource

HR or Human Resource is an integral & important part of the organization, HR is for those students who are willing to make their career in the field of Human Resource Of Management, HR is one of the fast-developing sectors, it is all about managing resources in an organizational structure. The program provides complete skills and knowledge required to manage human capital in the organization. PGDM Courses program covered major topics like Human Resource Planning, Performance Management, Information System, Training, and Development Administration.

  1. PGDM in Information And Technology

IT is one of the most important and growing sectors in the Industry. In this PGDM course, students are taught the concepts of IT solutions marketing, E-commerce, System Management, etc. Apart From This, students also learn Human Resource Management, Software Project Management, etc. As we know it is a fast-growing field, companies are looking for an expert who can handle efficiently everything and coming up with new ideas on daily basis.

Eligibility Criteria To Take Admission in PGDM:

Those aspirants who want to make their career in PGDM should have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with a minimum of 50% marks. Some institutions require passing few examinations like CAT, CMAT, ATMA, and XAT

Affordable then MBA or Any Other Course

Similar to MBA, PGDM Course is economical as compared to MBA, you don’t have to invest a huge amount for pursuing a career in PGDM and you are getting almost similar benefits.

Job Opportunity

PGDM is more advantageous as compared to other similar courses; it offers the best placement opportunities to the students across the college in the country, almost every student gets a job in Campus Placement.

Internship Opportunities

Internship helps the student in gaining practical knowledge, in PGDM course student, gets various internship opportunities in industries, IT sector, Banking, etc. Gaining work experience is important for boosting your career, employability as a management student. You gain various new senses of Professionalism and a clear view of what professionalism and practical knowledge mean in the Professional World. Everyone to take the opportunity and do an Internship.

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