6 iOS Development Tools and Software

The digital era demands every business to have their app sooner or later. A customized app helps grow businesses by reaching audiences on digital devices. Talking of digital devices, Apple devices are popular and their apps are top-notch. That’s why developers face too many challenges while developing iOS apps.  iOS has very strict guidelines regarding development; secondly, they have specific iOS app development software and tools that every developer should be aware of.

That’s why we are sharing some famous tools for iOS app development to develop iOS apps efficiently.

So without further ado, here we go.

  • Xcode

Xcode is considered rapid and a fast iOS app development tool that lets you develop your app consistently and smoothly. Xcode is actually an Integrated Development Environment of Apple and is required for both iOS and Mac app development. 

Xcode is referred to as the graphical interface used to code iOS apps. Xcode lets you access iOS SDK, compilers, tools, and frameworks you need to develop, design, code, and debug an iOS app. 

  • iOS Software Development Kit (SDK)

iOS provides its separate SDK essential to develop iOS apps. Cocoa Touch frameworks, iOS UIKit, PushKit, GameKit, MapKit, and Foundation Kit are some examples. You can use these incredible development tools and software to develop seamless iOS apps.

  • AppCode

AppCode is utilized to develop and deploy apps for all Apple devices. The flexibility of utilizing AppCode essentially is the way it works as it makes coding and codes examination simpler and worry-free. In addition, the AppCode apparatus helps coding blunders in feature distinctive apps too.

It is a streamlined apparatus that incorporates JavaScript, Swift, and Objective-C. It makes the fundamentally useful editorial managers and the iOS development environment.

  • Code Runner

Code Runner is a prevalent iOS development environment that used to develop remarkably progressed and advanced iOS apps. Code Runner is a super flexible, strong, and robust programming proofreader for developers and iOS designers. Code Runner IDE helps boost twenty-three programming dialects aggregately. The tool is not so heavy and provides you seamless operation to troubleshoot your coding errors.

  • Swift

Apple launched its Swift programming language in 2014 for iOS mobile app development in replacement of Objective-C. Swift is a robust and easy-to-use language designed in a way that it is really compatible with iOS development tools that exist. Whether its xCode, or Objective-C, or the Cocoa framework, it integrates with all with ease. 

Its easy-to-use functionality with improved features makes it the best alternative to Objective-C. 

Swift is faster than C++, and if used with the new version of Xcode, it becomes even faster. For developers, it is easy to learn and easy to code as compared to Objective-C. Objective-C has a clunky syntax. On the other hand, swift streamlines and manages code with more readability. One can code using simple English similar to JavaScript, C#, C++, and Python. 

Those who know how to use these languages can easily pick Swift and ace in it. There is very less requirement of code if you use Swift. 

Swift also has better management of memory.  The object-oriented languages and apps often face “Memory leak” issues because they utilized a lot of available app memory. 

  • iOS App Development Libraries

There are few best available libraries for iOS app development that we are listing below. Among them some can be used for specific purposes but some works as an “all-in-one” solution. Go through them as follows: 

  • RxSwift

If you want “asynchronous programming” then the RxSwift library is definitely your go. It is specifically made for this purpose. Before you get to start with RxSwift, you will go through its basics, before learning traits, testing, bug removing, and the science behind Rx.

  • CocoaPods

CocoaPods is considered an Objective-C library and is its programming dependency manager.it is also used for Swift Cocoa projects. You can find almost 59,000 libraries here. CocoaPods are also considered one of the most popular iOS libraries available on the web. It has been used in over three million iOS apps. This library is really helpful when it comes to scaling your iOS mobile app development projects.

  • The Foundation Framework

The Apple Developer Documentation provides the official library that is the Foundation Framework. For anyone who is programming in Objective-C, this library is recommended most by Apple and iOS developer community. 

So what’s so special about it? Foundation Framework lets you access data types, various collections, and operating-system services that you can use to define you your mobile app’s base layer functions.


Developing an iOS app is the revenue generation scheme for businesses and it is necessary for all the developers to know what software and tools are used to develop efficient iOS apps. We have described them above briefly to guide you about it. We hope you have gone through it. 

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