3 UX Principles that Will Increase Landing Page Conversion Rate

So, you have been doing everything you can in terms of dominating the digital world with your brand’s presence. You are creating industry-leading content, optimizing all the pages of your website, boosting traffic with help of SEO strategy, and more. And, it seems like trying everything to stand out as a pioneer brand.

Still, there is one problem. And, that is struggling with your landing page conversions.

No need to worry, you are not the only one facing the obvious conversion rate obstacles. Many other enterprises are sailing in the same boat. But here, you have a viable solution of optimizing your website UX to automatically increase landing page conversion rate.

Want to know how? Well, for this keep reading ahead.

What is UX and How does it Impact the Landing Page?

Before jumping down to UX principles that will show an increase in conversion rate, it is better to understand its meaning & relevance.

UX (user experience) is a flow of your website’s visitors as to how well they navigate the landing and other pages. It showcases a clear set of features and functionalities that allow users to take a specific action that you want them to take.

Simply, it is the navigation and interaction experience of your website that you have to create using several useful ways. And, there you hit the bull’s eye by creating a seamless UX for users and ultimately increase the conversion rate. Even the studies suggest that almost 67% of users prefer to navigate through an aesthetically impressive-looking webpage than a plain one.

A clear and smooth design and feature elements of the landing page or any other web page improves the credibility of the site. In short, captivating content is important and also a great design that forms a clear and convertible UX.

Now, you finally get a gist of UX and its relevance. Next is to analyze your existing website UX by asking yourself the following few questions:

  • Is your landing page user-friendly i.e. easy to use?
  • How do your users feel while navigating your pages?
  • Is your landing page offers a clear idea of how your company can help them achieve the desired objective?

The above are the most basic questions that you can ask and analyze all by yourself to identify the current issues with landing page design. And, the way its impacts the user experience of all the visitors.

Not to forget, you can refer to the following metrics to measure the impact of UX:

  • Page Views
  • User’s spending time
  • Time on a particular page
  • Bounce rate
  • Cart abandoned rate

Follow 5 ways your site’s UX can increase landing page conversion rate?

Check out this list of useful UX principles well adopted by leading conversion rate Optimization Company in India, helping you reach a strategic goal.

  1. Create & Place you Call to Action Wisely

There is a lot of fuss on the internet about CTAs (Call to Action) related to their color, placement, and choice of persuasive words. It is obvious that CTAs are meant to prompt the customers to take immediate action and get converted on your landing or any other page.

Now, the question arises what do you need to do with CTA to improve the UX? Well, simply make some altercations in the CTA font, color, placement, and chosen words.

  • Choose a large and appealing font for your CTAs.
  • Take visually attractive and bright colors for the CTA button.
  • Write CTA that creates some sort of urgency or scarcity of something. Like, “Shop Now”, “Book Now”, “Get Started”, “Want to Try Now”, and more.
  1. Create Simplistic Designs

Believe it or not, simplicity is the key to increase the rate of conversion to a maximum extent. The more simple, uncluttered, and easy to flow you’re landing page designs would, the more users will get attracted and increased the set of conversions.

But simple should not be confused with something plain or minimal. You ought to include images, text, videos, and graphics in the best possible manner with clear, concise, and relevant content along with the ideal placement on the landing page.

  1. Enhance Readability & Speed

There are two things in here. Firstly, the slow loading speed of the landing page frustrates the users and compels them to switch to your competitor. A page taking more than 3 seconds to download will have high chances of less conversion and an increase in bounce rate.

Secondly, you have got 8 seconds to capture the attention of users on the page. That means, your content should be clear, images are of high quality, ideal CTA, and readable fonts on the page.


Little tweaks on the design, content, and layout of the landing page not only enhance the user experience but also increase the chances of higher conversions. The reliable conversion rate optimization company always follows such practice of enriching the overall user flow from your landing page to the final purchase.

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