20 Day Clean Eating Challenge

Every one of us likes to take up a good challenge and see our capabilities. There’s a good chance that a person who walks into the gym doesn’t mind losing a few more pounds by switching to a plant-based diet and clean eating. A fit regime and a good diet plan helps us to be active and shed down the unnecessary pounds on our body. A case study shows that more than 60% of people adopt a healthy lifestyle and switch to a plant-based diet rich in superfoods, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, and vitamins. While many people think that gym is the only way to shed down weight and stay fit, it’s important to remember that nutrition plays a significant role in building your overall health. Instead of immediately switching to salads, we will advise you to set up a 20 days clean eating challenge to boost your immunity in these depressing times and build a healthy and fit body.

By following a 20-day clean eating challenge, you quickly get a toned body and stay healthy and sound while boosting your immunity in the best possible way. With a 20-day clean eating challenge, you can also combat the current covid-19 situation and other major health problems.

What Is Clean Eating?

Now many of you must still be not aware of ‘Clean Eating.’ Well, clean eating is nothing complicated. It’s a diet plan which does not involve omitting foods or counting calories. And most importantly, do not focus on starving yourself. Many of us believe that we will shed down a few kgs and look good by skipping meals or starving ourselves. No, let’s break this myth. Starving won’t help you in the long run, you may look pretty and lose a few pounds, but that’s not a permanent weight loss. The weight you’ve lost tends to come back soon. Clean eating involves switching to a nutritional diet plan with superfoods, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins instead of junk. Whether your goal is to pack on muscle or lose pesky pounds, that does take some extra effort in the kitchen, but it doesn’t require a complete meal plan. Clean eating is a trending healthy lifestyle which the crowd is following these days to avoid health problems.

Clean eaters do not cut down on calories, and they fill their plates with healthy meals, simple ingredients, and food made from clean eating recipes. Let’s now talk about the food that you can consume in a clean eating challenge.

What can you consume?

Clean eating is a lot of fun when your cupboards, fridge, and freezer are stocked with healthy, whole foods and minimally processed ingredients. Consider a 20-day clean eating challenge to see the multiple benefits it. Clean eating involves natural foods like : 

· Detox Salads

· Tofu

· Paneer

· Chicken

· Fish

· Lemons

· Oranges

· Antioxidant-rich foods

· Brown bread

· Meat

· Grilled Vegetables

· Broccoli

· Mushrooms

· Fruit-based desserts

· Smoothies

· Eggs

· Chickpea

· Lentils

· Green vegetables


Let’s talk about the 20-day clean eating challenge in detail now : 

1. Day 1: try to stay hydrated, especially in the intense heat of the summer. Switch to more and more healthy drinks, juices, and smoothies to combat the summer heat. Also, drinking water before consuming a meal would help to reduce the quantity on your plate.

2. Day 2: choose whole grains and increase the intake of them in your diet. Whole grains are a great source of fiber and nutrients and help you keep your digestive system happy and healthy. You can also have dry grain pasta.

3. Day 3: pour in more veggies in your diet, especially in summers, to combat stomach-related issues and problems. Try adding up greens to your smoothies also. Eat and experiment with different salads for a change. You can also consume veggies with scrambled eggs.

4. Day 4: try to cut down on your meat intake. Cutting on Meat can help you out in numerous ways. You can stay healthy by adopting a plant-based diet and save a considerable amount of money. Today try not to eat any meat and also limit your intake of animal products for the day. 

5. Day 5: treat yourself well today and indulge in a sweet tooth experience to curb your dessert cravings. But try to remain healthy. You can have a nice Pink Lemonade Cream or have some Strawberry Icecream as their healthy desserts.

6. Day 6: prepare a healthy meal from scratch available. Many times you throw away the leftovers from the previous night. Try not to do this as you’re wasting food. Instead, try to prepare a meal from scratch, which you can consume as breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

7. Day 7: increase the intake of herbs and spices in your diet. Herbs and spices are a lovely way of adding up flavors to your meals and make them palatable. Play around with some favorite spices to make a meal bursting with good flavors.

8. Day 8: try making this recipe ‘Mashed Potatoes with Saute Veggies’ to add up some spice to your monotonous diet plan. The formula is simple and soulful with a good amount of vegetables.

9. Day 9: take up fresh and healthy juices today. Prepare them at home with the fresh fruits available. Liquids are not only good for your health but also your skin with their multiple benefits.

10. Day 10: switch to eggs during the day. Either consume an egg-based salad or have some boiled eggs to ensure that you take a proper protein-based diet during the day.

11. Day 11: shop local today. Focusing on getting your produce locally can help you get excellent quality food while supporting your community. These days there are farmer markets in every city, try supporting farmers by shopping with them.

12. Day 12: drink more water today to stay hydrated and beat the summer heat.

13. Day 13: enjoy some grills and revel in the good flavors of the perfect gastronomic feel at home. Grills are an excellent way to change your monotonous diet and add some delectable twist to it.

14. Day 14: have a dine-in today. Take out some time for yourself and have a soulful meal from your favorite restaurant around your place to satiate your hunger pangs.

15. Day 15: add up Basil to your diet. You can experiment with pasta today. Prepare some Basil and Vegetable Pasta today to curb your hunger.

16. Day 16: skip on alcohol intake. Alcohol can disturb your healthy diet pattern and clean eating challenge. Hence try to skip alcoholic consumption to cut on your unnecessary calories. Instead, try some healthy mocktails.

17. Day 17: go meatless again and follow a healthy regime of consuming a hearty lunch with excellent proportions of lentils, rice, veggies, and dairy products.

18. Day 18: drink healthy smoothies. Try making Fruit and chia sees smoothy curb your sweet tooth cravings and stay fit.

19. Day 19: eat more salads. You can choose from cucumbers, carrots, onions, Broccoli, and cabbage to prepare a nice soulful salad.

20. Day 20: try making Homemade Hummus With Chickpea and enjoy the nutritious recipe with your meal.

This 20-day clean eating challenge will have multiple benefits for you as you will adapt yourself to a minimalistic living with a healthy regime as a part of your lifestyle. For any questions do write to us or get in touch with our customer care executives.

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