12 Killer Social Media Content Ideas For 2021

 If you are a digital marketer or a content strategist, or maybe a social media influencer, coming up with content ideas is always challenging. Social media advertising and content marketing require fresh content ideas — or else, you remain unnoticed.


There are millions of business pages on Facebook. Around 1 billion people are using Instagram all over the globe. Americans are spending hours in front of YouTube. And the expectations are getting higher and higher, ordinary content gets no reach.


Therefore, digital marketers, Facebook marketing agencies, Instagram experts, and every content creator is on the hunt for fresh content ideas. If you have the same objective for reading this article, here are 15 killer social media content ideas for 2021:


  1. Give Your Introduction

 Have you recently become active on social media as an influencer or as a business? Why not give a brief introduction of yourself or your business? The initial followers you get are keen to learn more about who they follow.


If your content resonates with them, they’d like to know who you are or what your business is all about.

  1. Share a Personal Story

There’s a reason why every digital marketer works on his storytelling ability. People love to read stories, the more personal you get the more likely they will trust you.


Today, influencers post life lessons, real-life stories, the turning point of their life, and everything related to their personal life on social media. And as it goes without saying, this is the kind of content that gets the most shares and likes.


  1. Host a Poll

Watching too many polls on LinkedIn and Facebook these days? Polls are not just for engagement but also for gaining insights. Polls often prove the general notions wrong, you think one thing but the poll results tell a different story.


Create polls and ask the questions that confuse you. Alongside reach and engagement, you will understand your followers better than before.


  1. Host a Giveaway

Did you witness so many new businesses hosting a giveaway? This strategy costs you a few bucks but promises great returns. Naturally, people are inclined to follow pages where they can win free stuff. 


Thus, they will keep coming back to your page and sharing the contest with their friends. 


  1. Tell a Funny Story About your Business

You know your audience is constantly craving some fun. Why not tell them a funny anecdote about your business? Make sure your story is true and neutral. You don’t want to offend a particular class, community, or people following a certain religion.


  1. Share an Industry News

Industry news is ever-green content for your social media. And don’t restrict this to a certain day, whenever something happens in your industry, be the first to share it.


For example, if you are a tech firm, you can share lots of information about emerging AI trends, Machine Learning, and much more.


  1. Share Customer Testimonials

Though it’s not sensible to brag about your accomplishments or praise your own product/services, you can share customer testimonials. That’d be ideal if your customers are willing to share their testimonials in video form. Otherwise, you can simply share the SS of their review or DM.


  1. Share Tips & Tricks

This is particularly useful for the health and tech niche. You can share tips related to weight loss and other common health issues. Likewise, you can share how-to guides for programmers, IT professionals, and gamers that would make them keep coming back to your social media.


  1. Mood Lifting Content for Holidays

A lot of businesses remain active even on holidays. For example, they go the extra mile and share valuable content even on Sundays. This content is usually fun and relaxing, as this is what people crave while checking their social media on Sundays.


The same can be done on Christmas, Eid, Ramadan, Diwali, and other holidays.


  1. Links to Free Resources

The internet is full of free resources in the form of ebooks, crack versions of software, trending games, etc. Depending on your industry, you can share free resources and make your audience feel they owe you something.


  1. Company Events

It has become a trend to share your team achievements, celebrations in the office on a particular day, and new hiring on social media. Besides engaging your audience, such posts will build credibility. 


  1. Go Live

And that’s where the magic happens; people see you live. Facebook Live feature is irresistible, it lets you show your workplace, the people behind the organization, and everything as it is. 


And as it goes without saying, Facebook live streaming gets incredible engagement. You can even take live questions from your audience, tell about your business, have a candid conversation, and much more.



Digital marketing requires both creative and strategic thinking. And coming up with social media content ideas isn’t as simple as it sounds to be. You have to be unique if you want to stand out in your industry. Don’t stick to only these 12 ideas, but keep exploring. I’m sure you will find hundreds of more if you mold the existing ideas a bit.


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