10 Best Treks To Do Himalayans

Here are the 10 best Treks this year in the Himalayas. Although the best Himalayan treks were not easy to choose because each trek is beautiful in its own way, we did make the best Himalayan treks, which we believe you shouldn’t skip!

Start-up treks, such as Dayara Bugyal, Brahmatal, and Kedarkantha, are perfect for the whole of the year, but only for the monsoon.

Treks like Hampta Pass, Flowers, Kashmir Great Lakes, and Tarsar Marsar will take place during the monsoon from July to September.

Aim trekking between November and April if you want to hike in the snow. And if you want to go hiking in Spring, watch treks such as Sandakphu Phalut, Khopra Ridge, Goechala, in March and April.

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Please visit our next Trekking Page to see the full list of treks and choose a trek based on your season, difficulty, and month of preference.

1.Brahmatal Trek

Just like many other walks, Indiahikes also explored the Brahmatal. The Brahmatal Top at 12250ft is the highest point in this trek. It’s a wonderful walk. You can see a new range of mountains, Mount Chaukhamba, Mount Neelkanth, Mount Hathi Ghoda, and Mount Trishul and Mt Nanda Ghunti.

Brahmatal is also a fantastic solo trek. There’s plenty of snow on the trail in December, January, and February. The walk goes on to the end of April.

2.Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal is the ideal trek for the Himalayas – lush forests, beauty campsites, ancient villages, spectacular climbs to high spots, magnificent mountain views, and some of Uttarakhand’s best alpine waters. In the snow in winter, these meadows are whitewashed. All this on an easy, moderate journey – a gift that we seldom see.

3.Kedarkantha Trek

One of the first treks we started to arrange is Kedarkantha. It has a magnificent climb uphill, and in all seasons is a great trek. The summit of Kedarkantha is 12,500 ft high and offers a 360-degree view of the Himalayan peaks. We found new and adventurous paths to the summit during the year.

4.Har Ki Dun – Ruinsara Tal

“The Har Ki Dun-Ruinsara Tal Trek is an excellent blend of beauty and culture in the Himalayas. Our co-founder, Sandhya, says that it’s a very unusual combination to encounter old Himalayan villages along with stunning valleys, lakes, and meadows.”

Indiahikes added the Tal Ruinsara Trek on the Har Ki Dun route as the Tal Ruinsara is incomplete.

Ruinsara Valley is in utter isolation, and the Valley of Ruinsara is called more beautiful than the Valley of Har Ki Dun!

5.Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek

The Chandrashila Deoriatal Trek is a 6 day trip with the Indiahikes. This is an extraordinary hike, as not only part of the Himalayan range you see but all big Uttarakhand summits from west and east.

Not only that, you’ll walk between full-bloomed rhododendrons when you walk between March – April. It’s rightly called a paradise for bird watchers because of the various species of birds you see on the route.

6.Phulara Ridge Trek

In September, October, November, May, or June there are great Phulara Ridge takes to do. It is one of India’s only ridge treks and one of the newer treks. Another explanation why every hiker should do this tour is the beautiful Pushtara meadows.

Moreover, the Phulara Ridge Trek has a lovely and thick forest area for a short walk. This is certainly your way, whether you are a wildlife enthusiasm or a bird lover. On this trek, we have seen more than 10 species of Himalayan birds.

7.Sandakphu Phalut Trek

One of the few walks to the top of the Sandakphu Phalut, 4 out of 5 of the world’s highest mountains — Mt Everest, Mt Lhotse, Mt Makalu, and Mt Kanchenjunga — are visible here. This panorama is the most prominent of all Himalayan walks. In addition, you can see the range of Kanchenjunga and the other Himalayan mountains, known as the Sleeping Buddha – an image you can enjoy in coming years.

8.Valley of Flowers Trek

Legend is complete with the Valley of Flowers Trek. The trekkers are said to collapse unconsciously in the valley floor from the strong aroma of the flowers. When you reach the valley, it’s large hidden by a layer of flowers and you have a sweeping view. Here are shown flowers, leaves, buds in different forms, sizes, and colors.

9.Tarsar Marsar Trek

The Cashmere’s Tarsar Marsar walk is India’s most beautiful walk. The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is the only other trek near its beauty. This is a moderate hike, so you have to be ready for the hike.

From Tarsar to Marsar, the tour will take you from one lake to the other, then to Sundarsar. Besides these two amazing lakes, you can also camp. Tarsar Marsar is better than on the Great Lakes Trek in Cashmere in this respect.

In India, the social and political situation in Kashmir is monitored closely. Our first priority is always the welfare of our walkers and workers on the pistes.

10.Hampta Pass Trek

In 2010. That was. Maybe this is one of Himachal’s best treks. I know Indiahikes put it on the map for walkers. It’s a trek near my heart. I will do it again. It’s a trek. Our founder Arjun Majumdar says that my list of great treks is incomplete without it.”

You have to go for this trek because it is one of the country’s most dramatic crossroads. It starts from the luxuriant green Kullu valleys through a narrow gorgeous valley and becomes overhanging in the mountain region. From the pass, in a wide panoramic sweep, you can see the entire Spiti valley.

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